Confusion between afternoon tea and high tea

Just not long ago, I went for a $30 Mad Hatters High Tea for two people at the Waterbar in Blue Hotel, Sydney. It was a total ripped off- especially the amount served is so little when we were expecting indulging our usual dinner amount. We were disappointed as we were clearly deceived by the Groupon deal stating that it worth $139, such absurd. There were only 7 tiny pieces of treats in total. It was the amount of afternoon tea after all.

p/s: view picture of high tea from my Instagram at the side of my blog ^^

I was searching about high tea just then and high tea is not afternoon tea which a lot of us commonly made the mistake of using the terms because in historical sense, there are differences between these two.

Afternoon tea involves a lot of mannerism, lace table cloth with dainty food. It is served during the mid-afternoon when you feel like having some snacks. Everyone sat around the low table therefore it is known as the ‘low tea’. Traditionally, afternoon tea was considered to be one of the usual social occasion for the ladies. They would sit around chit-chat and slowly savour each small pieces of delights (How hard it is for me!)

I was quite surprised in finding out what defines high tea. It was a working class meal served on a high table at the end of the workday. It was substantially a heavy meal of meat dishes such as steak or meat pies, fish dishes, baked goods, vegetables such as potatoes or beans and even cheesy casseroles. Rather as an elite social gathering, the high tea was much more of a working class family type of meals.

Even though I was a dessert lover but as a meal, you feel the necessity of savoury food. Clearly, the ‘afternoon tea’ that was claimed as high tea was not enough to represent as my dinner. At least, I hope they give us a couple of mini-burger siders, a few scones, sandwiches, some onion-ring maybe or just adding more varieties. Is it really that expensive for an afternoon tea/high-tea dining experience? Why not make our own if we do have the ability… Such controversy!

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