Global News

Have any of you ever wonder how news are distributed whether it is in television, radio or the Internet? When I was little, my sister and I used to copy the live news broadcaster, reporting the live scene of what is happening with a water bottle on our hand. After growing up even as audiences, we wouldn’t bother thinking whether the news reported are trustworthy and simply thinking there’s nothing wrong with that. News distributes documentation that embodies certain type of main linking between how the public communicate and how the class system exercise power, between freedom of publishing and controlling, between what is real and what is represented.

I came across a statement which I cannot not agree to it: “The news is not in the business of telling us about reality, rather it is privileged to inform us about what is important or salient about reality.” This apply to most major news network. They don’t report how a school girl fell, they would most probably report how five girls from the same school being kidnapped!” News genuinely do not tell us about reality but it does construct how the reality really works beyond where we are currently living. Sometimes the global news system has several rituals. They would definitely feature more on people or institutions that are important to society, mainly politicians, entertainers, the royals or just anyone that is classified into the popular culture. During the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the wedding clip is being played several times on my local television news. This shows that people that has social status are most likely to be focused on. This greatly reflect how the society works-the capitalist system. However when it comes to War On Terror, Global Warming or any incidents with deaths, the reporting will focus a lot on the destruction of the area and the victims. The victims attract sympathy in an authentic way through just shots of them crying or wailing, potentially we are able to understand the innocence of children, women and elderly. They are the people who suffered the most when it comes to these circumstances.

When it comes to international news, there is always an ongoing process of choosing the right piece of news that suits the country acquired taste, acceptance and preferences. The risk is that possibly, some false stereotype may be created and reinforced with superficial and inaccurate reporting. We have formed stereotype on how violent the American culture is, with the constant shooting and people suffering. Even though, people has formed the habit of ‘loving’ these story at the same time pity those who innocence who suffered but this has imbued into what they see in America. Reported news are designed to fill out the picture that we as audiences will just made assumption on what we hear and see, sometimes it’s even worse when the picture in unclear or incomplete. American gun and hunting culture became the part of the cultural perspective among international audiences. Another great example would be the Taliban from Afghanistan. People just project their identity on every Muslims that they are cruel, brutal and unkind which is not entirely true.

Global news flow is a common entity as we can witness a numbered of major news broadcasting. For instance, CNN News has stations in different countries that internationally serve as foreign problems. During prolonged crisis, CNN gives audiences extensive coverage and keeps updating the story. This means that people who are not in the live scene may still get the picture of the incident at that very moment as reporters will constantly update us on what is the situation. News are incorporated with locale elements so that the market is more sustainable among the community. Particularly, language plays a crucial part especially when journalists have to learn to avoid the cliché form of writing the stories. Sometimes, a lot of translation has to be done so that the material is appropriately delivered to audiences of different language backgrounds. Because of pluralism, readers and viewers spectrum of interest becomes broader and wider. People wanted to know more about the world. International news organizations have to accommodate everyone’s interests by choosing something that concerned everyone. This responsibility lies on the editorial team. They have to decide which news operate more centrally in that particular country. The question is whether the news is filtered or whether is there something that the news organization is keeping away from us? There are so many things happening in every second. How much can the news actually pick up and how can they assume what the audiences actually favour in looking towards? It can be entertainment, corruption, health, lifestyle, food, foreign policy, culture, business, market, products, technology, education and the list goes on…Thus, the news industry has people who looked after each section and constantly seeking new information in every corners of the world diligently.

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