The importance of being organized

According to, the importance of being organised is that you are always prepared and you do not waste your time in waiting. It also succumbs one’s problem earlier and allow one to be relaxed when doing personal things. Thus, this boost confidence. Being organized as well helps in constructing routines and organizational habits.

Not everyone has the habit of being organized and when it comes to planning, people often regret why didn’t they start doing it last week instead of rushing at the very last minute. Just like any other virtues, being organized is a key habit that leads to success. 

I think it is crucial of being organized because it shows people that you are capable of doing things efficiently and people trust you because you start to handle things earlier. Planning is not ever easy from simple task to difficult projects, being organized is not just about working out a plan.

Besides starting early, it has to be a good plan whether you have fully utilize the time to do everything that you have to do on your check-list or have you miss something out? A very great example is my current dilemma. Going back to university means piles of assignments that I have to spend my time working on. However, the lackadaisical attitude is really one of the greatest barrier that stops me from doing my work.

I know I am doing my work but progress seems pretty slow which is not my usual working style. I wrote this topic because I felt it could probably motivate me to strive harder in bringing my old ‘fighting’ attitude back on board. I genuinely felt being organized allows us to work everything in details and more accordingly because when you rush at the very last hour, everything would be done hastily.

This semester is getting tougher and I can felt the intensity of work instead of just the quantity of work-therefore being organized is imperative to allow me to manage my time well between university and free time. I know others have worked well in balancing their time on university and work at the same time. Indeed, life is so much multi-tasking and as you go along, organized is the best human quality that you wish you could have instead of just being smart! 

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