The early bird vs night owl

Staying on the  bed tossing and turning,

I refuse to join the gang of night owls!

I am from the Gen Y,

But, I don’t stay up late,

I am energetic and alert when I woke up before 8,

I fall asleep after half past twelve,

I am a morning person,

Everyone of thou are typical youngsters but I shall not be,

I cannot stand a chance on losing my beauty sleep,

They say early birds catch the worm, is it really true?

I wonder why people like hanging out till midnight,

Is it their fault of this natural habit?

Their in-fixation of biological clock makes them suffer.

Humans should work during the day and sleep at night.

It is not a mundane society that we have to constrict ourselves into this sleeping time,

Such healthy lifestyle is always beneficial towards longevity.

What sort of research that claimed people who sleeps late and wakes up after noon are smarter people?

This is illogical, irrational and a total absurd.

Your system needs repair and maintenance just like a worn out machine.

Early bird gets to see the sunrise and sunset whereas the night owl only gets  to see the sunset.

Genetically, some people sleeps more hours than others and they are neither night owl nor early bird.

When people were so engrossed with their communication tools and entertainment box,

We tend to neglect the importance of resting,

We abandon our health over our Facebook, our television shows, our movies and our studies.

We go beyond the limit and work ourselves out just to prove that we are tough but HEY! is this alright?

I am not being judgmental but theoretically we should be early birds and sleep in an adequate amount of sleep.

We don’t go for substantial nor little, we go for moderation.

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