My learning experience of Marxism

Marxism theory pretty much applicable on our lives and everything we do eventually show our roles of adapting ourselves in this social capitalist. We know how to interpret this world but the problem is that we need to change it in order to achieve the equality among all human beings. Marxism is about theories of social, political and economic change and generally it speaks about the condition of a society is determined by the mass productive forces. It is a materialist philosophy that you have to understand the context of their historical conditions of production. The word ‘production’ comes in many layers but in a simple form, it is the industrialized society that governs the mode of production whether it is the things that we use made from factories or the relationship between the people who owns the production and the people who does the labour work. The objective relation is quite apparent and the change is society is mostly driven by the division of classes.

This is pretty much logical but the fact that the ruling class idea is quite universalized and normative. We have seen how the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. The history is similarly like a battle that shows the struggle between the haves and the haves not, we are living within the history which will still be an ongoing process that we have to face. Besides of the class issue, the ruling class idea is intertwined with the ideology which is our false consciousness that make us think that the values in our capitalist era are norms. There is nothing wrong with individualism, thinking of profit, market and competition, they are reasonable and common entities in each individuals. Ideology is never total and if it is, we wouldn’t think things as different

Whoever who controls the mode of production (ruling material force of society) will inevitable control the production of ideas (intellectual force). This intellectual force will then drive how people perceived this world and therefore we are fundamentally exploited from capitalism. Marxism also talks about the relationship between the base and superstructure. Base is the mode of production whether it socially or economically. Superstructure which refers to institutions in society such as law, education, culture, religion and political system). Base determines the superstructure and superstructure legitimises or naturalises the base, superstructure is an expression of the base.

For instance, we are bounded by the economic base therefore the parliament system, law, education system is to naturalize the capitalism to avoid any excessive authority. However when it comes to voting for election, they seems to be giving us the freedom to choose our party but in the end is the capital that holds the force of control. As a student who is living in this capitalist society, I was made to receive education to commodify myself into becoming someone that is able to survive in the international market- to find work and to live with dignity under the ruling class system. The class system is divided into proletariat and bourgeoisie. This conflicting relationship happens when proletariat (labour worker) wish that their wage is higher while the bourgeoisie hope that they can pay less to earn the maximum profit. This inequality is still exist in our world and this revolves around with the commodity in the market. One of the factory worker in China is not paid for her labour work on making iPhone while the pay itself is low, the production company genuinely earn an amount that you cannot imagine. This doesn’t include labourer workers but some other professions as well. In olden days, writers and authors are not paid well, leading to poverty while the publishing company make the highest profit during that time.

Cultural industries depoliticised the working class so that their desires are more easily accommodated. To escape from the working class, people become boss and setup their own business but this too leads to another level of class ruling system among the bourgeoisies. Marx’s argument and aim is to demolish this form of social relationship that underpins the class system. The development of a communist society should be adhere so that there is no corruption, there is no wealth inequality and there will always be the freedom of development.


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