Standing at the hallway,

The vastness of hallway is creepy,

it does resembles the one in a horror movie.

The hallway is a public area where chatters can be heard especially when it is crowded,

There was sorrow, there was disagreement, there was joy and there was laughter.

At the same time, the silence can instantly change the perspective of a hallway,

Especially during the times of waiting all alone at the explicitly discrete hallway,

I stood there and listen to the creaking sound of the door whilst opening and closing, 

My pounding heart overpowers the sound of the exhaust.

Impatiently, I tap my fingers on the wall where I am leaning.

I looked at the wrist watch and my eyes follows the direction of the tickling.

I play with my fingernails and suddenly I heard footsteps of walking up the stairs.

Gladly there was someone in the building and inevitably I felt an aura of calmness.

The sight of the hallway has ultimately manipulated my emotions. 

I swear I will never step my foot on a deserted area.

Sometimes I wonder whether being early is a good thing at all…


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