Home made aka D.I.Y vs commercial products

All of a sudden, I was inspired on writing this because I was planning on baking a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday when my aunt just jokingly suggests on buying a cake. Of course, my intention is clear that D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) is way far better than buying products from the shop.

p/s: Sometimes having sudden thoughts at the very last minute on what to write for your blog is time efficient compared to sitting in front of the laptop for hours and not knowing what to write.

Talking about gifts out of your hands-Yes, I totally agree on the convenience. Besides that, the quality of commercial staff will never go wrong when yo made the right choice such as a stuffed toy, a T-shirt, a birthday card, a mug and a pair of earrings. Choosing a present from a gift shop, everything will look pretty and wrapped nicely for you. Instantly, we could just buy the gift at the very last minute. Besides that, people will less likely to see flaws in them. Food such as cake, pastries and ice-cream, the good rating ones from famous patisseries or bakeries will definitely please the person or the host of the party. So, what’s the problem? Nothing is wrong when it comes to commercial products but when we talk about efforts and sincerity, nothing beats the things that you make from scratch. 

This includes hand crafts, food, hand made cards, hand sew clothes, DIY accessories and even a painting you drew. Everything comes from the heart and people will appreciate them. I am not referring to people who only perceive gifts depending on how much you spent but rather people who genuinely consider a good gift based on the value, not price. 

Value includes how much the love content, the commission and the amount of time you worked on the gift. It is a package, a package filled with goodness and devotion. Many people gave excuses when it comes to adherence, they are afraid that it will turn out ugly or it will be full of flaws, it wouldn’t be as impeccable like the ones they sell in shops, it will be a disaster, it is a very time-consuming thing, it’s just too troublesome and people wouldn’t bother. All negatives just float in their clouds of mind, never have they though that the focus of constructing the gift will win over all the pessimistically factors that eventually fades through several times of practicing.

However, not all things can be homemade and sometimes you just have to get things from the shop such as hand lotions, beauty products, storybooks, expensive items such as a car. D.I.Y product is gradually popular because of the amazing innovative ideas, people are curious and inspired to try them out. When the gift receiver knows that you made the gift with your own hands, they would probably be interest on how you did it and your gift will be the center of attraction. But be aware that this is the ideal scenario, not everyone is into hand made items. Home made food will be more likely to be praised by others, alternatively people made home made jams as gifts. For more extravagant gift, do a picnic basket with the mix of commercial items (the basket, plates, napkins and cutlery) plus self-made marmalade jams and some scones. The presentation is nice and the effort is there as well so it is a good combination as a gift. 

Give yourself an opportunity to start on D.I.Y by making your own card then proceed to hand crafts then slowly emerge to a more difficult level. Artistic people are more likely to produce their own gifts as they have the skills of building a master piece. No matter whether you did a good job, always remember that if the person values you, they will love your gift unconditionally. People who doesn’t appreciate your gift, just regard that you still make the right choice because there’s nothing wrong with a wasted effort. 

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