The Quantity vs the Quality

One of my aunt’s friends told us that her mother-in-law is celebrating her 100th Birthday which we feel so delighted for her. The most amazing thing is that you receive a letter from the Queen, the mayor and a birthday cake as well. I guess it is still an odd phenomenon for modern people like us as people born and die like a piece of cake. 

Centenarians are people who lives to or has gone beyond the age of 100. People craved for this longevity thing, they wanted to hang on to their lives and to see their future generation and most importantly is to observe how the world change. Basically our healthy lifestyle are just for the sake of living.

The quantity of life is the numerical forms of age. These Centenarians prove to us that long life expectancy is possible and not everyone has the great opportunity to live till such an age. This age topic has initiate the reflection on whether we should live for the numbers or preferably the quality of life. Would you go for the quality or quantity? OR are you greedy for both?

Everyone has make up their own mind and we construct our own plans and perception, often we asked ourselves: “Are we content on living till the 80’s  or do we want to aim the higher number?” Long ago, when the air is less polluted, the food is still pretty organic and when the lifestyle of human beings are still simple, I do believe that people could live up till the age of more than 100. However gradually, I find the statistics will be less promising due to the age of globalization (I am blaming on the globalization, how funny…)

Nowadays, people are up to a quality lifestyle. They don’t need to live for a century to have a satisfying life. Life is not about the number, rather it has become more focusing on the process. When we have no regrets in life, I think time becomes less important. I am not arguing that we should leave the world just as it is when we finally got a job, make everyone proud of us, have a family, a house and a car. Even though this seems like a complete life of any typical human beings, leaving behind during your early age is rather disheartening especially for the people that values you as person. How would they feel without your existence- that is why people who have committed suicide aren’t considerate people rather they are selfish. They just want to free themselves and leave everything behind, thinking they would escape from the hell-load of burdens.

Nevertheless, You Can’t Really Control Your Life & Death- you can’t possibly choose when to go or when to stay and this becomes a picture to us that we should appreciate everything that is happening around us- whether it is something painful (memories), something discouraging (failure) or joyous (success), they are part of us. I love everyone that has stepped and will step into my life including friends, enemies and most importantly my family. We will not able to repeat the history or revive our soul just to be with them. We ought to cherish both objects and subjects until our final breath. 

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