Hashtag culture

I am sure everyone has came across this sign ” #”. Well, this familiar symbol or also known as the pound symbol are structured in front of a word or a phrase which turns them into a clickable link.

When writing blog, there is tag column for you to fill in a variety of words that are related to your topic. When people are searching for a particular subject that is similar to what you have written, they are able to reach your post and see them promptly. 

Hashtag is a cultural phenomenon on the Internet, it has been in use for many social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Recently, Facebook has also adopted the culture as people are drawn with hashtags because they are able to help you widen the circle audiences of your posts. Internet users are able to find people that have the similar interests with them and follow them or simply start a conversation with them. Hashtags somehow bring everyone closer in such a vast area. 

No doubt that finding information becomes easier because posts are categorized with different topics based on the hashtags. While using the Instagram, hashtags allow me to explore the realm of photos that other people have posted whether they are strangers or the people that I knew- it doesn’t really matter. For instance if I am looking for cake pictures, the #cake becomes my bridge towards thousands of cake pictures posted by all Instagram users. Of course, some people may think that hashtags are just extras as we can always search the relevant topic through search engine so why bother doing that?

Hashtags have to be a word but it is still fun to come up with your own hashtags- You can always join 3 words together into a long hashtag, it can be #goingtouni, #bakingtiramisu, #listeningtomusic. Hashtag is like a toy for Internet users or usefully, it is a marketing technique for people who wishes to advertise their products with a fast and cost-saving way. 

However some people may be so entrenched into hashtags that they kept using hashtags until the other half of people just feel that they should be rebellious into not using hashtags. Use them moderately and only applied them appropriately. Imagine people talking using hashtags, that would be super irritating…Indeed, we should appreciate the popular culture that is trending among us. 


One thought on “Hashtag culture

  1. I’ve only gotten started with twittering and to me the whole hash tag thing is still a very foreign concept, even though I’ve occasionally seen them, I wasn’t really sure what to make of them. Thinking of them as toys may help me make use of them more efficiently. Thanks!

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