ALL about Public Relation

The public relation industry extended its root since 20th century. History is like a dead subject, it is never been so remarkable to study but it is the simplest way to tell us what we can learn especially the growth of each phenomenon and their impact. Historians believe that PR is formed due to the citizens of the Western civilization. They are the people who created revolution, provided public opinions, wanted to debate and virtually created their own democracy. The non-stop bounce of communication, the spread of philosophies, ideas and message through different forms of method gradually became the endeavours in PR. The deep historical roots of PR can never be explained with a few sentences. Back in the day, public relation is never known as public relation. People used similar methods in engaging PR such as speech, art, literature, events and interpersonal communication.

However, the modern days has driven a massive change towards PR especially the fragmentation of mass media. This redefines to us that PR professionals have to really understand particular interest groups, work effectively with the media that the group trust and of course develop a myriad of messages for dispersion of different audiences. The relationship has changed between organization and consumers especially the Internet which fundamentally create a whole new exciting age for PR.


The change of media model
The early ways of practicing public relation biased towards one-way communication. Dissemination of information towards receiver is like placing a voice recorder at the centre of a group of passive audiences, similar as advertising. The organization broadcast the message that they desire to the audiences directly or via traditional media or certain types of marketing channels. Such conservative model has never been effective compared to a two-way symmetrical communication- it depends on mutual understanding which the balanced effect is able to help the clients, the organization itself, the consumers and the global market. The fragmentation of traditional media and the rise of social media cumulatively creates a sharp focus for every corporation when it comes to pushing their information out there.


Is not all about basics!
The connection between a company and the consumers relatively lies between the reputation. When a brand of a product earns a healthy reputation, the job of PR has to go on so the sustainability help the company to earn a better future. The traditional media is still remain its original place but the two-way formed of media such as Facebook, Twitter and any forum website on the Internet are breeding multiples of comments and the feedbacks are circling around. The PR has to make sure this complex task is able to earn a long term positive reputation but not waking up to a disaster scenario. The exposure of different brands in social media or any other typical traditional tools does not simply help the company to gain the trust, often engaging and listening to the comments effectively shows a good management of PR. A disaster can happened in a minute, therefore PR is there to fix the problem- accept the complaints calmly and professionally.


Shifting towards engagement
We should not ignore a comment made on Facebook about a specific product that is not working well or a statement made on Twitter. Every Internet users have the right to provide their respective arguments and they ought to be something valuable towards the company. We are now talking about the Internet which focuses a lot on participatory and online. No doubt that people are still reading and absorbing information online but when it comes to make any statements or comments, they are unconcerned. The Internet is providing PR profession people a weapon to listen what people have to say. It is lot of easier when you are just looking at the conversation that talks about specific service of the company. The public relation industry is gradually modernising and reinventing itself to broaden its reach towards different types of audiences. It is always critical for an organization to change how the audiences are changing and embrace themselves with the latest channels to obtain success in the future.

When a brand fails to engage with their consumers, let it be via a conversation on the phone or a message left on their website, it is a path towards self-destruction. Most consumers and audiences are expecting the liberty to voice their opinions, therefore ignorance is not the solution.


Telling stories in a right way

Just like a relationship, you wish your partner would understand your needs and your concerns. Nobody enjoys listening to individuals who are self-obsession with themselves, constantly wanting the audiences to absorb what they are telling BUT on the other hand, they do not listen to the audiences. We like sharing and I think sharing is caring- this is part of the PR’s philosophy. Exactly the same premises applies in corporate based communication, the company has to make effort to understand the needs and concerns of audiences- the power of Engaging!  You tell stories but use a different way to tell you stories, appreciate it when someone stops your story-telling and let them have the opportunity to speak. You do not just spend time thinking of entertaining them so that they are informed, PR’s job is to inspire every audiences so that the attention span is prolonged. Through strategic word-of-mouth endorsement, the rate of hitting the right note on influencing the public will be higher.

In conclusion, PR requires an integrated and complete service of monitoring, planning, choosing the right channels for specific communities, the credibility of content is also vital and lastly the measurement of outcome as well. The PR management is demanding and each tasks is challenging. Indeed, some people do not regard the profession as

PUBLIC RELATION is a planned, systematic, strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organization and its public.  PR defines, refines and articulates its culture, maintain the trust and reputation so that the success future is sustainable in terms of social, environment and economy. PR is all about the relations, strategy and actions.




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