ALL about Colours

Why do we envy someone with green eyes? Why do we associate the colour green to jealousy?  I have always perceived the colour GREEN as natural element- it is the main colour of flora- AND Going Green means being environmental friendly or to save the planet Earth. Obviously green is the major colour representing the ecology. Healthy is also part of the green colour. When green is such a pleasant colour to be gazed at, the meaning of this colour is not entirely positive, it symbolizes envy, jealousy, misfortune and gooey. It is interesting to see how myriad colours tell a certain type of mood, a kind of feeling and the variety of personalities. Besides that, different cultures see the same colours with different meanings.

The colour symbolism teaches us how colour have a huge impact on people, emotions and may be a big deal for some people. Even though the Westerns use RED to symbolize anger or aggression, the Asians see it as a prosperous colour. Commonly during Chinese New Year, the colour red is seen on lanterns, red packet (angpow), gift boxes, cheongsam (traditional clothing) and even fire crackers. The bold red colour is assumed to be lucky especially the ancient people believe that it is powerful enough to scare away the evil monsters or spirits. Besides that, gambling while wearing red colour shirt becomes normal among the Chinese community. How different the colour is perceive for Chinese especially the colour also represents fire (danger), traffic light (stop), blood (gruesome). In addition, the colour red defines passionate- not to forget the heart shape of Valentine’s day is usually Red. 

Christmas colours are definitely Red & Green

Personally, I thought BLUE is a fantastic colour because it reflects on the sky, the sea and is all about tranquility, peace and harmony. However why do people said that they are feeling “blue” especially when they are down or depressed? I guess the reason blue is associated with sadness is due to the virtual coldness in it. You cannot deny that when you see blue, you think of winter and the winter blues keep us away from working hard, always lack of motivation and energy. Therefore, the existence of feeling ‘blue’.

YELLOW is a colour that signifies joy, optimism, hope, sunshine, royalty, summer, caution, dishonesty, illness and friendship.  When Yellow seems like a colour that lightens up your day, it is a royalty colour for ancient Chinese imperial family and also Malaysia’s national colour. 

But I do not know since when, the meaning of yellow had a radical change. Yellow books and yellow movies are actually pornographic stuffs. In European countries, pink books or pink movies are referring to pornographic items when on the other side, pink to us is youthful, fun, romance and tenderness. 

BLACK & WHITE is apparently used to explain the correct and the incorrect. When Black is evilness, death, darkness and fear, some people like to see black as sexuality, sophistication and elegance. White seems to be pure, innocent and simplicity, but Chinese will definitely refuse to wear black and white especially during Chinese New Year. When the bridal wear is white. Ironically, people wear black and white to funerals as well. It seems that black and white are the extreme colours in our lives. 

Chinese Funeral with everyone wearing white

Life is like a rainbow. You often find yourself going from red to purple. In between, you may feel blue, you may get jealous at someone, you may feel happy, you may feel motivated, you may feel healthy or you may feel the love. Emotions circling us and eventually we are sliding on the rainbow ride that has no final point. When we understand how colours are used in different festivals, we have also learn to respect other cultures and how they see the colour as positive or negative. Colours psychologically help us to find the emotions that we wish to sustain. Looking at a certain type of colour may affect your overall mood, therefore it is imperative to choose the correct colour for your bedroom, your study room and you kitchen. 

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