ALL about Coffee and Cafes

Every morning when I first woke up, no matter where I am, I will definitely hear the sound of coffee machine or the bubbling sound coming from the coffee maker. Adding on, the aromatic smell of coffee just instantly wakes everyone up.  The first thing in the morning, my dad will make coffee for work. The first thing in the morning, my uncle will make his coffee for breakfast.  Indulge the bitter mouthful from their mugs in the morning seems like a ritual that they would not forgot. Frankly speaking, everyone seems pretty fixed on a daily routine with at least a cup of coffee especially working people. This includes students and office people. Coffee is so common yet there are a huge variety to choose from. My hometown serves black coffee known as Kopi O or the famous Old Town White Coffee from Malaysia if anyone of you has heard of it. Hong kong serves Yin-Yong (mixed coffee and tea). Vietnam has their Vietnamese coffee which condensed milk is added into the bitter coffee. Other signature coffees are flat white, Americano, espresso, mocha, Macchiato and latte.

Caffeine is, according to New Scientist, the planet’s most popular “psychoactive drug”. In the United States alone, more than 90% of adults are estimated to use it every day. That is quite a credible result as you cannot deny that coffee is a public drug which you are legally addicted to it.

Coffee art is also a key attraction for coffee lovers.

We do always first like to see the good side of this similarly drug formulated drink. The drug may actually act like a mild anti-depressant by enhancing the level of happiness with the release of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. I think drinking coffee adds to a type of pleasure whether you are drinking it alone or drinking with someone, you have a sense of satisfactory. Even though we blamed it on the caffeine, we genuinely felt more relaxing and a boost of energy after a cup of bitterly sweet drink. The ambience of the cafe is a bonus to the happiness of drinking coffee. Recently, a study has said that coffee beans reduce heart failure, diabetes and Alzheimer which I wonder how miraculously effective it will work…That will probably be excuses for everyone to drink more coffee.

Let’s get into how caffeine impacted us on our physical health- of course everything has to be taken in moderation. You cannot possibly have an excessive dosage of caffeine because it causes insomnia, high blood pressure and indigestion. Even though it is a proven fact that caffeine increases your alertness and thus your work performances as well but depending on coffee and depriving sleep is not a smart choice in a healthy lifestyle. Some people find it hard to sleep when they consume coffee during the day. When you are a coffee addict, you cannot possibly sleep without drinking coffee, this is a sign telling that coffee causes sleep disturbance. Your sleeping habits are changed due to the low/high levels of caffeine.

Traditional drinks are left behind due to the existence of coffee such as tea. There is no place that does not serve coffee. You can find coffee anywhere and possibly anytime. Inevitable, people find more coffee shops and cafes in cities or some remote suburbs. The competition is getting tighter but the expansion continue as the business will never gone wrong. Quality coffee beans with reasonable price is a must and of course a good location with plenty of working people or even University students like me is one of the strategics. However, customers are always picky and greedy, they are constantly trying out new places and exploring interesting cafes especially themed private cafes. They are somewhat more unique comparing to cafe chains. Business owners of cafes are trying to compete with one another by figuring out the most creative themes just so that they can attract more customers. I wonder whether people will ever get sick of coffee and whether something else will replace coffee in the future. I have always like cafes and cafes are the best place to have a chat with people, to socialize and to gossip but never would I miss my favourite drinks- mocha (typical cafe) or green tea latte (Asian cafes or Starbucks) 

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