Coloured Contact Lenses

I admit that at the first place, I do have the urge in trying out colour lenses. The cultural impact has already been going around during my high school days. Usually, I saw some of my classmates wearing them and their eyes just look ultimately sexier, watery and bigger. No doubt I should not give away my perfect eye-sight to beauty purpose but this trend becomes universally renown and are significantly more popular among Asians. This includes people who does not have any eye sight problem.

Typical Asian have dark brown eyes that look less appealing than the Westerners. Asians have always wanted to have their blue, greyish and green eyes. Therefore, coloured contact lenses are use in such a way to enhance their appearance and so that they do not look like a nerd wearing their glasses. Every girls are born to make themselves attractive. Coloured contact lenses become one of the must have tools.

It is abnormal for Asians to have such eyes but because it’s pretty, everyone would wanna wear them.

Celebrities become one of the fashion inspiration…

Back in the days, coloured lenses are part of a costume in dress-up purposes for events such as Halloween and Japanese anime Cosplay but people are wearing coloured lenses in a daily basis. The fashion staple of coloured contact lenses in Asia and other parts of the world shows that Asians really do not like their natural born eyes and always wish for eyes of Westerners.

As the matter of fact, the apparent contrast between the same person with and without lenses shows that people are willing to sacrifice their time and money just to be pretty in public. Gradually when everyone is wearing them, I cannot not despise the trend. It was meant for people who wear spectacles but because of the beauty function, almost every girls are wearing them. Coloured contact lens with designs are creepy and I couldn’t bear to see people wearing them. I would question them whether they do affect your eye-sight. However just by looking at the lenses, you wish you will never wear them. It gives me the feeling of irritation. I can clearly associate a wall blocking my eyes with unknown chemicals and my heart will be carrying the fear of becoming blind.

There are cheap contact lenses out there for short term wear but with people who wants to save money and look pretty at the same time, they genuinely abuse the function (yeah, you kill two birds with one stone but your stone will never be retrieved). Some girls do not know what is their priority, they do not even care to take precautions when wearing lenses. Consequences is in their hands. If you wanted to look beautiful then don’t be lazy. It is not a joke when people become blind after wearing contact lenses.

It is disgusting… They are meant for Halloween

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