About theory

The most fundamental thing in life is that before we really perceived anything and make assumptions about them is through theories but do we always logically think based on the theories? How many of us really live with theories or do we just think as what we think? Many theories are created unnaturally, there is often something that triggers someone to have such thoughts, let it be political, cultural, business, lifestyle or anything that is part of us. Living in the 21st Century, many theories are not that ‘sexy’ anymore, by means it is nothing new for us. We studied them and applied them but somehow people do not find it as appealing if we were to read the same thing over and over again.

Certain people are not interested in theory because they are just dry subjects that we were taught in every educational areas. Sometimes, we do not actually use them as much in life. I do agree that every courses has their own theory and this theory may not be easily understood by people who are doing other types of subjects. For instance, law is a theory that is written for lawyers to study so that we common people are ought to spend money to hire lawyers and use them to help us in applying those theories. 

Theory is crucial as they are a system of ideas, systematic kind of conception, generalized statements, arranged principles about class or objects. Cultural phenomenon or historical events are basic phenomenons that drive us into forming theories. They are descriptive and interpretive. Through making connections, contextualization and providing explanation, a theory is make for us to understand the reality world that we are living. This include literature, music, art, science and psychology of human behaviour. 

When we are familiar specific theories, they become our tools in asking questions and answering questions too. Besides making judgments, the power relationships are more visible with theory. We are able to explain in a subjective manner of any correlations. Unlike commoners, people who have studied theories will not think the same as them.

When someone misunderstand theory or despise theory, they perceive them as something too difficult to understand, too abstract to grasp in terms of their inner meanings and too ideological to obtain the contexts. These are excuses that student often provide. 

When a theory is not officially published, commoners like to set up their own theories without needing to worry too much of copyrights. However these theories are often not sophisticated, not set up in a proper researched manner and has low credibility. Interestingly, public find these theories amusing and entertaining. You cannot not agree of the effort web users have put in to create theories and post them online. I wish people start to appreciate any thoughts in a free flow manner as the modern world is started to get a little bit off from the traditional side and moving towards the foreign entities. Even though you may not agree some genuine theories and wish to live out of the box, but please do not alienate too much from the norms and always value the theories from the olden days as they are proven to be practical in life.  Therefore we study Shakespeare, we study Marxism, we study feminism, we study psychoanalysis, we study algebra, we study history, we study postcolonialism- they are theories of knowledge to be acquired in life. 


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