When someone looks at you… (THE PUBLIC STARE)

I wasn’t too sure when it comes to this type of topic. There is not much of intellectual requirements, I just felt like writing about it. It is mostly based on personal experience and I would really be appreciate with some feedback. 

No matter how ugly or how pretty you are, deep down there is always some narcissism inside of us. I have constantly asking myself why do I always behave in such a way.

Here is the incident: I often caught someone looking at me when I was waiting to board the train, when I was just walking on the street or when I was going up in escalator. I am not too sure whether people just look at me because they genuinely are looking at me or am I just getting the feeling of wanting people to look at me?

I know by searching online, I will definitely get a very objective kind of answer that we all wish to seek for visual attention and we do have a certain degree of confidence in public, of course excluding public speaking. 

We always sense that people often look at us especially in public places. We think strangers randomly just look at us or smile at us. The feeling being stared at and the uncomfortable eye contact between someone you don’t know may be creepy but this somehow happen to almost everyone of us. 

Personally, I would check whether something has gone wrong with my attire, whether my face has something or whether there’s food stuck in my teeth. The negatives will sort of appear before the positive. After checking these possibility, I will then proceed to the positive-thinking maybe I am not too bad looking after all. Of course I quickly get back to the neutral part whereby thinking strangers are just being friendly. The world is not as nice as we thought it will be so I might as well not be so excited about the gaze I received from people in public. It is rather fatal if you fall into the eye contact with the wrong type of people. 

I am really curious on how we actually read the gaze of people, how we actually manage to know whether they are looking ahead of us or AT us. I wasn’t being narcissism at all, rather I was being subjective at the scenario. I wonder how other people thinks whether they have the same thought as me or is it just me? 

Even though it is legal to stare at someone in public but it is never a pleasant thing to do if you don’t know that person. When looking at someone, please hesitate for a while before eyeing on them excessively. You do not want to creep people out right? Some people may choose to do that to actually gain attention from the person they are interested, but nobody likes it when you do that. 

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