The world has become a gigantic land of negotiation and communication, whether we like it or not we have become people who has been living within that particular world. Even though we may not realize how much we have blend ourselves into the advertising industry but we ought to realize the responsibility we have in this vital public entity. Advertising is playing a very crucial role when it comes to consumerism and business activities. Not only does it affects the whole global economy but the expansion of products in our market. There is no doubt that the growth of media platforms such as magazines, newspaper, television and radio is intensely bombarding us with their constant advertisement, washing our brains with their addictive adverts. We were continuously being fed with numerous messages that promote clothes, transports, cosmetic products, drinks, food, vehicles, medical services, insurance, bank services and a lot more than you can imagine. Not only do we see in media but on the buses, overhead bridge, billboards, flyers and posters at the bus stop or train station. Our sight is consuming more than 50 ads daily on a regular basis. Why is it so important? The fact that advertising is able to create awareness among consumers about specific product or services is supporting the growth of market. Consumers have a myriad choices of products or services to choose from and there will definitely be lots of demand towards such phenomenon.

When advertising looks so tempting, it can be quite unfaithful comparing from what we see and what we try. It can be unpromising and lead to disappointment but interestingly, we see this as something common rather than bewildered by it. Watching advertisement may be quite entertaining but their purpose of just convincing us and playing with our emotions becomes something unethical. Of course, consumers nowadays know how to differentiate what to buy and what not to but most of them are still captivated by new products and tempted to buy what shows on the TV. Advertising uses unrealistic images and glamorous setting to seek consumers’ attention. Thus, this attention lies on the product that they are selling whether it is a car pairing with a sexy lady or a beautiful model with her shiny hair. Every messages are asking us to spend and so that we could benefit from those products. You may have already own a vacuum cleaner at home for maybe two years and still working fine. However, you purchase a new one after seeing an advertisement promoting it. Why? Because everyone is using it? Because it is more convenient? Because it shows that you are savvy in new products? Or simply because you just wish to get a new one to replace the old vacuum cleaner? People are constantly worrying about budget because they spent too much on unnecessary stuff that they saw on advertisement. We are trying to catch up with other, trying to be modern when it comes to the things we use and the services we go for.

Some advertisement tend to be quite imaginative, full of fantasies, wonders and unrealistic creativity that we ponder to ourselves-whether they are true. When we constantly tell ourselves that this is a manipulation, the other part of us still considering on falling into the trap of advertisement. As consumers, we have to be more conscious on how advertisers are constantly figuring out techniques to work on our psychological vulnerability- our pride, sense of identity with the same generation, personal social group and individual desires on to look younger, attractive, beautiful. People are changing their perspective and logical thinking because advertisers are becoming more successful in alternating our lifestyle and our spending habits. Why do you think people always dump so much expenses and effort onto advertising? Possibly, it is really affective or it is something that you will really need it to enhance the business. Everything you came across has their own advertisement. Even universities, colleges and shopping mall have their own advertisement just to attract more students, shoppers and buyers. It is estimated that the price of a product may go up for up to 40% due to advertisement costs. The cost of setting up the plan of advertisement correlates with the demand of consumers. Many audiences hate watching the break during their favourite shows- this includes tv shows or movies that will be airing, trending products and fast food outlets.

Regardless of the unavoidable evil motives of advertisers, we are truly being manipulated but we should be given the right to decide for the things we want and be more critical thinking. The availability of reasonable choice always comes first while things like junk food, cosmetic products and cigarette should be set way back from the priorities. When everyone is keen on advertising, the forces of competition gradually becomes apparent as everyone is fighting to gain public interest. There is always this wall preventing us from crossing over towards freedom on what to buy and who to buy from. Cheap things or sale are promoted greatly because spenders or commoners like us knew that paying for something in high prices are absolutely a killer- we should be taught to become money earners but not shopaholics. Consumption pattern is different for everyone depending on how much money they have earn. The diffusion rate of media technologies, global economic integration, free trade market, cultural background and world-wide capitalism are necessary knowledge to acquire in the advertising industry. 


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