When Different thoughts came together…

Part 1:


The link above is quite interesting. I was quite surprised that celebrities have such high demands. I pity those who work for them. I felt that their atrocious demands is too much for a commoner like me. Maybe if I am at their shoes, I would do the same as well. Some of them are singers who probably afraid that due to the wrong room temperature, their voice will be affected or the specific bed lines will cause rashes on their ultimate sensitive skin.

Part 2

I have done well during this holiday because I have only skipped one day of not blogging. I am quite amazed because I am quite a lackadaisical person. Without any motivation, I cannot work hard but this time, I am quite proud of myself.

After such a long break, you felt like killing yourself for not resting enough. When it is time to get back to work, you felt so regret for not using the time wisely. Yet, these past two weeks I was keeping myself quite occupied and was living like a housewife. Why do I live like a housewife because most of the time I was staying home doing chores, browsing through recipes and cooking. These tasks may seem simple but as a rookie, certain work may be quite time consuming. My personal time for entertainment is abolished into less than half. I did not feel guilty because I know I have used the time correctly. Many people are not independent enough when it comes to house work. They are reluctant to do them because it is a waste of time or they felt they do not get any benefits from it. 

Part 3:

Life is not always planned and constantly you have abrupt changes towards every little details. When we have planned something or to expect something, it does not go always go according to what we desire. Sometimes when we want to read a book, we bought the book but eventually you never will have the chance to read it because your holidays are over. I know we aren’t suppose to just read during free time but naturally you wish that you could read in a relaxing state of mind where you do not have to do or think anything but just attentively concentrate on that book.

It is full of ambiguity when human always complained how they wish they could have a normal sleeping pattern but they never appreciate it when they are on holidays. They leisured until past midnight, indulge themselves with entertainment, alcohol and junk food which leading to unhealthier lifestyle.

Part 4:

Going to the gym is like going to school. When I skipped gym during weekends, I feel guilty because working out is like a homework to me. I like to work out and sweat every toxins out of my body because it feels good. Getting your heart rate up, Make your body work, Increase your stamina, eliminate fat and build up muscles are the processes that I have gone through in gym so that I can live healthily and never feel wronged when I eat. I do not go for diet which is why I never lose weight. No matter how frequent I go and I do, eating habit is still something that I have to change in order to have a fit body.

Part 5:

When it comes to Fiction vs Non-Fiction, I will always go for fiction even though I know non-fiction is always good for us- people who read non-fiction are people who are more knowledgeable, intellectual and critical thinking. People who read fiction are possibly people who likes to fantasize and have creative mind. I enjoy reading fiction because I love reading stories. This include people’s real life experience and their journey of life, love, career, family and friends. When a good story is told whether it is made up or true, we learnt something from it so please do not judge those who choose to read fiction instead of non-fiction.

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