The 5 Monsters Living Inside of Us

1. Fear

“Oh no, how am I suppose to do this?” “I’m scared that I will fail.” “Can I not go in?” Why do we tend to step away from trying the things that we have never experience before? Similarly, when you have the courage to approach a stranger, you will have the courage to talk to a group of people. The fear inside of us always prevent our full potential from coming out. Therefore, we are so scared of new, unfamiliarity that challenges us. By performing several practices, we shall be able to pull out that little monster in no time. We may be afraid that people will laugh at our mistakes but we will then realize that those critics and mockery are able to push us into defeating the fear and shyness.

2. Doubtfulness

“I was just thinking…should I do this?” “Oh no, I don’t know whether this is the right choice.” People are seeking for help when it comes to making decision and there is no doubt about the skeptical monster living inside of us. It constantly acts as a barrier for us to promptly make decisions and also adds some unnecessarily paranoid after we have decided what we want. The feeling is never pleasant when you are stuck with a dilemma and there are two or more solutions for you to choose from. The only way to remove doubtfulness is to calm yourself and analyze every possible outcomes for each choices. Of course, you have to be quick. Everytime you had make the choice, have the habit of faithfulness in yourself. The decision has been made, you have to either go with it or abandon the choice, accept the consequences from your action.

3. Pessimistic

People always like to think every single thing in a negative way. “Oh my gosh, I will definitely fail this test.” “I have a bad feeling about this.” “I know I am not good at this and that.” “I seriously cannot do this.” Worst still, the monster of pessimistic was virtually growing inside of us, telling us and informing us what predictable things could possibly happen are mostly not so good things. After we have experienced good things, we will just tell ourselves that it was just coincidence and lucky but we will never be optimistic at our ability in creating miracles. When we never try something, we will back off first because we will think of the pessimistic side first before making that particular decision.

4. Selfish

No humans are not selfish. This monster is well-known for creating wars, fights and arguments. Why? People fight for rights because they felt they should have such privilege. They were thinking about themselves and at the same time thinking that they should share with others as well. Of course, it is not entirely a bad thing especially when we felt the unfairness or the inequality treatment from others. When we start to place the importance of us before others, we will go to the extremeness just so we can achieve something and feel proud. There were a lot of little unnoticeable actions that shows our selfishness, yet they become norms whereby people feel that it is a natural thing to do.

5. Ignorance

No way, I will not listen.” “Just ignore them.” “i DON’T Care!” We all tend to talk to ourselves. Some may verbally admit that they hate listening to others while some do not admit that they are being ignorance. But my point is that we hate accepting people’s advice. Yes, we do listen to them but we just ignore them and do what we think it’s best for us. We digest what they thought but we never just follow each piece of thing that goes into our ears. The monster is also known as stubbornness because we tend to just do what we like but never realize how valuable each guidance and assistance we received. There is nothing shy about seeking help from others and listen to their thoughts because you may never know what you can gain from them. It is best to open your heart rather than seclude yourself when it comes to opinions and suggestions. You don’t ignore people whether their advice is useful or helpful.

There are still a lot of monsters living inside of us that we unconsciously not know their existence. Each time we ignore them, they grew stronger and the more determination we have in removing them, the better person we are.

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