Click here: What to eat when stomach ache

Click here: What to eat when stomach ache

The link shared above has provided 10 food items that will ease tummy upset. However, everyone has their own list when it comes to different types of stomach ache from constipation to tummy bug. Some people are fine with eating anything but some finds it hard to choose the right food. We are all skeptical whether we should believe what people have claimed not to eat and what to eat or just go with the flow. I have been taught what to eat and what not to eat when I don’t feel well. However sometimes, you may struggle when the doctor said you can eat anything while your mum says you can’t eat this and that. So who do you actually listen? I will just listen to both and came up with my own plan on what to put into my mouth. 

These are the food listed at the health website:

Banana: I probably try and take one before assuming that it can causes more tummy upset. 

Rice: I can probably take that. But family myth says not to take this when you have a fever. 

Apple Sauce: Never heard of the effectiveness.

Toast: Maybe the dryness is able to reduce acidity of stomach?

Soup: Unless it is a clear broth, if it is oily and creamy (I have to skip that)

Crackers: Same like toast but I probably wouldn’t choose crackers that are too flavorsome. 

Herbal Tea: Some people may claim that certain herbal can ease the tummy while some may increase the acidity of the stomach which causes acid reflux. 

Coconut water: Low chances of me taking this as one of the comfort drinks when stomach ache (warm water is always better)

Ginger: The burning sensation is always the best at present but the result, somehow is not apparent. 

Other types of food that I will avoid when stomach ache: Seafood (especially raw), oily fried food and milk

Some types of food I will take: Oats, Simple porridge and raisins. 


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