Daily Prompt: A friend in Need (Y. J)


My closest friend is the toughest person in the world. She has taught me how to challenge the world and how to accept the obstacles with an open heart. Losing something or someone important does not mean that it is the end of the world. We all must learn that hardship is not something negative but it leads us to positive. Everyone is not gifted with everything in the world, you lose some and gain some. Therefore, I have learnt from my friend to appreciate everything that you have and do not be pessimistic when it comes to ‘life’. Based on the home we are living, the food we are eating, we ought to be thankful. 

Like any other friends, she’s cheerful, caring and friendly. She is someone who is good with secrets and at the same time, we respect each other. I was grateful that she is someone who can live with my temper. Sitting next to me in class was an awful experience, but then tolerance and patience build up in her as well. Remember how childish I am during Year 7 that I threw her umbrella into the garbage bin and play other tricks on her because she upsets me. What a joke! She did not even get mad about it. I could not recall why I even did that…

Anyways, my closest friend knows all the life lessons and willing to share her wisdom and ideas in a very humble way. She just proves to me that in this world, there is still friendship and loyalty which I value the time spent with her. The memories will never fade that easily. I need this friend throughout my life because I felt happy around her, I felt comfortable being with her, I trust her and I am glad that I met her. I sincerely hope the best for her, and gradually she will definitely seek the point of success, love and happiness. 


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