Big deal for royal babies

Big deal for royal babies (<<Click here)

Prince William’s wife, Kate, has given birth to a prince who will be now third in line to the British throne. The child was born on Monday afternoon. Every Britain was thrilled at the labor news of the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child. It was not easy for Kate as a commoner, yet she managed to get through the difficult phases in royal survival. The royal birth announcement stated that the boy was born at 4:24 p.m. weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. A name for the future monarch will only be expected in the coming days or a month.

Finally, all the important information that everyone has been waiting was told. So, what’s next?

The royal baby watch has been the top trending story on Google and some other search engines. Today Show and CNN are also constantly broadcasting the news about it. British bookies have taken over 50,000 bets on the royal baby’s gender and name. Indeed, such majestic event to be remember for British but does it got anything to do with us, commoners? Everyone is just making a big deal because a baby is born. Inevitable, it’s a royal descendant that has the blood of the British royalty and apart from that, there is a possibility for HIM to rule several countries or politically involved in the country. Everyone is concern of his future already, whether he’s a art person, sports person or a science person. HE is also somebody that creates the dispute of gender equality. Why is everyone ‘relief’ because it was a boy? Of course, because the guy gets to rule the country! The girl will get nothing.

The obsession over this baby is interesting and it should be stirred in such a way- with citizens standing outside of the palace just to identify the historical moment with the royals. The family did not control anything which it should be the way since we are living in a modern era.

Some people have argued that the fact people are interested in this piece of news is because the people lives are empty compared to the royals- the royals are like Disney’s princess/prince and other commoners will not have the opportunity to actually live like one. So, this is closest to the fantasy and at the same time they are still living in reality. People are passionate in current affairs but not everyone is interested in everything that is broadcast on the news. We choose what we like. People may like babies and they are baby person who thinks watching a new born is fun especially the baby has a unique identity. Of course, this does not affect your life but it adds to your pleasure of witnessing something rather than nothing. Sometimes, we may not care whether a celebrity married someone or divorced someone but we still look at it because it’s entertaining- FULL STOP~


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