I don’t trust products from China…

The statement is quite ambivalent as most items that revolve around me were made in China. Consumers have a huge fear towards products from China. It becomes a great deal after so many incidents reported on how food products are formulated. The major concern are Chinese parents who do not wish that their infants died of poisonous milk powder. They would order foreign milk powders just so they feel a certain security physically and mentally. If I were them, I would most probably go to the extend by avoiding food from China. However, do we really have avoided?

Products that were stated from Australia. It cannot be denied that the process of making the food is in Australia factories, but the raw ingredients were probably imported from countries like China which inevitably we are still consuming food from China. There is no escape in such scenarios and people do not realize it. Products such as peanuts, fish-balls, noodles and certain types of frozen food. Some consumers could argue that by not buying Asian products, it can be done. But like I have said, you cannot really tell and trust everything on the label. 

Even Organic food ‘Whole Foods’ is from China? Are you kidding me??!!

The outbreak of public discussion on food product safety in China becomes a common entity. No matter how great the economy of the country, the reputation is still inadequate in terms of their caliber. Sometimes, you may heard about how cooking oil is recycled, fake medicine that do more harm than good while harvested vegetables are grown in industrial wastewater and the fishes are caught from polluted water. Eating pork from China should be avoided as the pigs are fed with so many antibiotics, chickens are injected with growth hormones as well. How many is actually proven and which source can we trust? Therefore, people just avoid everything from China. Despite the fact that everything we touch, see and use are MADE IN CHINA but food is essential items that we should be taking care of- about the way they handle the food and the way they processed it. 

Website offering purchase of foreign brands milk powder (Australia)

Chinese from China are largely depending on friends or family traveling overseas to bring back formula, or purchasing it online from people who are living abroad. Those online small-scale distributors are trying to use this incident to earn a tiny profit and sooner to create a market as well. On the other hand, retailers in countries like Australia, British and Holland have stated the limits on the amount of milk formala each shopper can purchase. When Chinese cleared the infant formula in supermarkets, Hong Kong becomes a location for getting products with lower prices and better quality comparing to Mainland China. To avoid baby formula smuggling activity, the security border has restricted each person from carrying more than two cans of milk powder.

As a Chinese, it is quite disappointing the fact that all these happen is due to my own people. Even though I am not born in Mainland China but I felt a certain level of frustration and anger towards these immorality. Why do people even add lead to food products, plastics or any harmful chemicals? Business people just could not grasp the idea of “When they earn more, they lost more in the future.” So, to earn more in longer terms, they should choose wisely on how they grow and produce food in a more humane way. 

Will this able to help the Chinese infants from drinking poisonous milk? The only way is to dump everything?

After China is being labelled as the dangerous zone- Taiwan’s bubble tea is also listed as one of the drink that should be avoided. The food itself is made from food starch which is a key ingredient in bubble tea . Later on, it was found out that this key ingredient has been tainted with maleic acid. It is a cheap food additive  that causes kidney failure when consumed in large doses. Food starch is a commonly used in many Taiwanese traditional dishes. Apart from bubble tea, gluttonous dumplings, Hakka rice noodles and sweet taro or potato balls are items that were made from this fatal ingredient.

After such an incident, usually banning of food items from that specific country is imposed and how interestingly that not many people knows about this ‘toxic pearls’ in Australia. A lot of people are still found holding the Taiwanese pearl milk tea and sipping the black, chewy and unknown pearls to their heart content. I am not sure whether the regulations on the food manufactures are effective or whether something illegal is going on between the authority and the people from food industry. It will still remain a mystery for consumers like you and me. 

Indeed, all of us do not wish something like this happen after 15 years


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