Should fandom be stopped? The obsession with idols…

I would like to start from my personal experience back in my high school days. Those were the days that I have indulged myself into the fantasy world of Korean idols. They were like the shining stars on the sky, beyond my reach. Occasionally, I would change my favourite and spent so much time doing research about them and this includes knowing their personal portfolio, watching their video and admiring their photos. I would even have a calendar on my desk with their pictures just so that everyone in class knows that I am madly in love with this actor. Looking back my considerably ‘foolish’ action, I can only laugh to myself.

If I have told myself not to get so addicted with them, I would probably never experience the fandom lifestyle. If there are so many ‘ifs’, I would probably excel in exams because I would use my quality time to study rather than ‘engaging’ with my idols. We just love unrealistic imagination, do we? I remember vividly how I fantasize about my favourite singer or actor suddenly appear in front me as if they were like my charming princes. Even until now, I am not bless with opportunities into meeting any idols face-to-face. Why certain people enjoy fandom?

They would start off the journey of fandom by looking at artists’ webpage,Twitter and Facebook. Then, move on to YouTube and watch anything that is relate to the idol. After that, they would always be found in fan meeting or concerts and if they are capable, they would set up a fan page, a community and even collecting donations using the name of the artist. 

For my age, there are still friends who are obsessed with idols and constantly I saw Facebook random posts showing support towards the idol group or casual compliment towards actor/actresses. For those who aren’t interested, these incoming posts becomes irritating and gradually the identity is constructed. When someone talks about you, they would only be reminded that you are crazy with whosoever, rather than remembering your genuine personality.

The fame, ups and downs of idols are actually non of our business, yet fans feel proud towards their beloved stars because they felt there is a certain contribution on the career path that they have made. When we are obsessed with idols, our eyes are blinded with their positive virtues and we could not managed to accept their negativity such as when they lip-sync, have bad personality towards someone or bad habits such as smoking and addicted to drugs. Common people can still take it but fans cannot just let it be as though this is part of their concern. They have put in so much effort into loving the idol so they could not abandon him or her instantly. It takes time to actually stop your fandom. You have regurgitate those rumors, reflect them and forgets about wasting time into obsession with the idol. 

I find that fandom can be stopped if I am occupied with something else. Finding a beneficial hobby is the best way to replace fandom. Fandom is something unrealistic and to get out from it is to find something to do. Cooking, gardening, drawing, writing and reading- are much better past time compared to non-stop browsing the artist’ ideal type, blood type, horoscope and whether he or she did plastic surgery. There is absolutely no advantage in knowing such information. 

Inevitable, fandom is for entertainment purposes and it is appropriate when fans distribute their time evenly on studies/work, chasing after stars at home in front of their computer, collecting posters and spending time with family and social circle friends. Sometimes, fandom is one of the ways to bring one closer with another person especially when they share mutual interest, same taste in music and similar topics to talk about. It is not completely a bad thing but I would say most fandom are from people at their younger age. Most people settle down and focus more on their personal life as they move on. Even though we admit that we watch entertainment news on idols’ divorce, marriage, death and new release albums or movies, but that does not make us a crazy bunch of fans stalking stars in front of their apartment. Some fans would go extra miles just to be closer with their favourite stars, would you or have you? 


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