What Disney princesses have taught us…

I have watched so many times of Walt Disney Princesses movies that I cannot recall the times. I love them and I still love them even now. I cannot despise them, simply because they have brainwashed me with all the nonsensical and dramatic tales that contradicts with reality. As time goes by, everyone of us especially girls eventually realize the concept of princesses are inapplicable on real lives.

Sitting in front of the tv and thinking so naive that we will become pretty just like the main characters in the movies. Growing up was something too cruel that destructs our fantasy but we ought to ‘learn’ something from the Disney princesses movies. Rather than learning, there are certain things that I have to point out which are ridiculously shown to children like us when we were little.

‘Animals are our friends!’

That’s right. Most of princesses have their close animal friends and it is weird that they do not have any human friends. Even if they do, the animal friendship is still stronger than those human ones. The animals are always being so helpful to the princesses and it is weird how they are potentially loyal, grateful and genuinely kind. Cinderella‘s mouse friends helped her to get the glass slipper, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are popular among animals, Ariel has a crab and a fish friend which is normal in her circumstances while Jasmine princess has a tiger friend/pet. Mulan has a dragon to support her as well.

‘You are suppose to wear gowns and pretty dresses’

I was upset that in reality, there is absolutely no one who wears gown as casuals. Unlike the princesses, they are seen wearing beautiful dresses which are glittery, vibrant and their hair always look tidy. Girls wear casual jeans, T-shirt or blouses with above knee skirts unless we have to dress to impress or for formal functions. Sleeping beauty is definitely one of them. Normally, you would find them wearing the same dress. They never change their clothing and why is that? Probably, the characters have to be distinctive with the clothing-so that people can always remember the princesses easily with the same clothes. The identity is fixed with their attire. Mulan wears Chinese traditional dress, Jasmine wears a genie sexy type of two-piece, Pocahontas wears traditional Indian tribal dress while Ariel as the mermaid has the tail and bikini combined as her symbolic dress.

‘The fat and ugly are bad people’

The Disney movies have truly influence our perception on people. We always think people who are fat and ugly are simply evil people who wants to plot a scheme against us. Look at Ursula from the Little Mermaid, she’s fat and ugly. Look at the stepsisters and stepmother, they are ugly. Look at the most of the antagonists in Disney movies, you can tell by their face that they are up to something no good. Why Disney doesn’t teach us to not judge a book by its cover? Probably a pretty girl doesn’t make her a kind person. The princesses probably should not be extremely gorgeous too.

‘They are always poor and lucky’ or ‘rich and lucky’

The princesses have such great life that children would think that life is a bed of roses. It is true that the princesses do face a dilemma at the ‘rising action’ but eventually the evils are defeated and they live happily ever after.  I have realized that cinderella, belle, mulan are poor but they still managed to live at the end of the story. Aurora and Ariel are rich princesses and they are lucky during the finale as well. Most of the prince for the princesses are handsome and attractive guys which leading into a misconception that in order to have a happy life is to marry a cute AND rich guy. Beast is rich, Prince Charming is rich, Aladdin is poor but charisma and Prince Eric is rich and handsome so this pretty sums up that our life is all about finding happiness via a prince or a rich guy that can support us and will equally love us forever. There is always lady luck circulating around them, they can succumb all the difficulties despite of so little impossibility in succeeding.

Disney princesses are not entirely negatives. They have taught us to view the world positively and miracles can happen anytime if you believe in yourself. Dreams do come true and the princesses are all very bold, determined and kind. Maybe, this tells us that good people will have a good life Disney princesses are made up fiction characters yet they are women’s role models- both their  beauty and virtues are something that every women wish to possess in real life.


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