Random: Travel thoughts



I have no pretty pictures to show but I understand how beautiful is the world that I haven’t get the opportunity to explore. 

I have no amazing stories to tell but I could picture the tales around the globe that I haven’t get the chance to discover.

Travelling broadens one’s horizon, it also changes one’s perspective and it challenges your norms. 

We learn the different cultures and practices in different parts in Earth, we learn to share, give, take and appreciate. 

In my mind, it is undeniable that we cannot virtually know the feeling of travelling until we really do. However, there are always other people there to help us to look at the world. We are using their eyes to gaze at the corners of every country, town, city, suburbs and street. Even though, there is no guarantee that we are able to taste the food, touch the monuments or smell the fresh air on the screen or postcards. Thank goodness that the sight is still pleasantly satisfied. These imagery definitely set out a target for everyone to achieve or should I say a dream?

Not everyone is fortunate to travel around the world. Certain people only have been travel to a short distance away from their hometown. 

Documentaries and magazines are temporary materials to ease their desire, hoping one day they will break free from their ‘well’.

The key of travelling is to enjoy- There is a philosophy of travelling- eat, do, experience, learn, rest and relax then happiness will come along. 

When choosing a good place to travel, the things that average people would consider is budget and safety. All countries promote their own tourism which make every places around the world has their own authenticity and specialty. Some places are famous with food, some are popular with the urban lifestyle or culture, some areas are renown for nature wonders and certain countries are notable for their historical sites. 

Travelling is definitely not a bad thing at all. It has always become a great excuse for escapism from the same old routinized lifestyle. Once a while, people like to go for somewhere different to experience a different lifestyle, possibly reducing the daily stress from work or the cruel reality. It is a package that has everything- for us to unwind, for us to recharge and for us to learn. In fact, people choose to travel earlier of their age so that there won’t be any regrets when they have reached their old age. Therefore, there is something call ‘100 places to visit before you die’. It is emphasize in such a way.

When you are able to tell stories of your travelling, it is a fixation for everybody that you have actually done something. People normally post their photos of travelling, thinking of collecting the memories in long term. But when you stop yourself from concentrating too much on wanting to upload photos on Facebook or Instagram and focus more on writing diaries, it is a totally different experience. I have never attempt on such a method but I would like to. No doubt, a picture tells a thousand words but in long descriptive words of a string of events is more apparent, clear and distinct.

One day when you are desperately wishing to escape the places that you usually walked pass, you never looked back. 

Interestingly, no matter how amazing is the place. Eventually, you would still turn back and wish to walk back to the same old place.

People never stop and take a look around them. They got tired easily on something that they have been facing for so many moons. But in the end, they will always miss the old times. I am not referring to merely places but people, moments and things. Why do think we always look back? When we travel to a stranger land, we were excited before but after several months, we started to miss the familiarity of our mother land. There is no place like home. I would definitely settle down in a place- a home is somewhere you find comfort that you have always used to- sleeping on the same bed and living with the people you love. Travelling is just a short-term vacation to a paradise where you can never find your identity. 



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