Why people go to karaoke?

It has been a long time since I went to karaoke. I used to ask myself why is it so fun about singing in a room with a bunch of people especially when I am not a good singer nor I have any interest in becoming a singer. 

Inoue Daisuke won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize because he is the inventor of the karaoke machine. Why is it that people like going to karoke to sing to their lungs out or to hear other people singing?

Daisuke is credited with “providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other.” In a pleasant way, karaoke is like a social activity that possibly engaging everyone into having fun in the mode of togetherness.

Apparently, singing really does need some skills and deep breathing. Singing for three hours non-stop was like running a marathon. It increases the oxygen and thus enhances the blood circulation. Such positive thing makes people feel good as singing releases endorphin. A hormone that is good for the body.

Karaoke builds up confidence. Singing in front of audiences is a big deal especially for normal people. We will have fear in doing something that is not our forte. By practicing in a room with a few friends, we are able to help one another in succumbing social fear. Although it takes time to work through ‘trembleness’ and ‘timidity’, but by doing this in a casual whimsical ambiance of karaoke eases everyone into the mood of entertainment.

The vast majority of humanity is indubitably dull. They wake up, go to work/school, return home, eat and return to bed. Breaking free from the normal routine is like escapism from reality. I guess imagining yourself standing on a stage with people admiring your singing is always a good feeling. Yet, some people just do karaoke because is a bonding activity. We are not there to perform  but have fun with the people around us. Therefore, participate in karaoke is not a bad thing. Even if your singing does not sound like a professional singer, no one cares as long as you join in. The key to enjoy yourself is to just sing.

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