When you got so addicted on technologies…

I was recently skyping with my family and they were having dinner which is totally fine. After dinner, I was quite surprised that they almost did not realize my existence. Who do I thank? Technologies…The so called tools and gadgets that are claimed in making our life better, more convenient and entertaining. No doubt that I myself have totally immersed into the world of digital, at least I wasn’t a laggard. 

Having family gatherings or parties, people usually talk, eat and drink. Taking your phone out is a rude thing to do- you either take your phone out when someone calls you or there is an emergency. Sometimes, people gather to watch the television and have some bonding time, again it involves technology. I do not understand those who randomly take out his or her phone could cause so much disturb on me. I have never thought that I will one day despise the action especially I did the same thing sometimes. You have to experience it before you can really feel it. 

so…technologies include phones, television, Internet, random apps and games. Nowadays, people do not just spend time hanging out like genuinely just talk but bonding time includes the use of technologies. Who doesn’t take photos with their phone cameras when you are with friends? Taking photos of your friends, taking photos of what you see, taking photos of yourself, taking photos of great views, taking photos on cute dogs, taking photos of yourself drinking alcohol, taking photos of your food, taking photos of your sick face and taking photos of your bruises and wound (ewww~ why do people even do that???) 

Unless your photo camera is really crappy or you are just lazy. I find that people often take out their phones and show it to one another (possibly stalking some friends’ or strangers’ Facebook, looking at funny tweets, trying out a new app or just comparing scores of a game) Sitting down on a table with food served, they promptly snap the food and upload on Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites before eating. It seems like technologies are part of us and it has developed a type of culture which we will never realize how tremendous the impact is.

You do not  need to feel guilty because of your excessive use on technologies because I am even using technologies to relay my point to everyone out there on WordPress, on the Internet and possibly I can use my phone to edit some of the words in this post. Funnily, people just cannot resist the temptation. On the train, whoever would just gaze out the window? Tourists and elderly definitely, dreamer like me possibly and nobody else. Some may read a book, newspaper or magazine, partials taking a snooze but 95% of passengers would either be listening music on their phone, mp3 and iPods or surfing the net on their phones, laptops, playing games such as the bloody Candy Crush and other super addictive games. Some might be doing their work on the laptops. Besides that, ebooks and e-newspaper are commonly used. Everything we see, touch and hear is due to the master creation of technologies. I wonder when will be the time whereby we smell and taste on technologies (gross!) Well, perfumes are made by machines and some food are modified by machines as well so yeah, we definitely have gone through that phase unconsciously. 

Now, I would like to briefly discuss about how YouTube has draw me into the cyberworld and leading me into this addictive mode. I was recently watching Jenna Marbles’s videos which I find it super entertaining and humorous. She was like a legend to me even though she swears and talks inappropriately sometimes. Before that, I was watching random online short videos production which I think I have spent for more than 2 hours just watching these 5-7 short videos. When I got myself so hooked up into YouTube, I felt that I have not been concentrating on doing the right thing. I should be blogging, cooking, exercising and cleaning but I just need to open a new browser so that I could watch any good videos out there. I could not even sleep earlier, thanks to YouTube. Besides, I tend to be snacking when watching tv so that is not a good thing for me. 

Games is also one of the factor that formulates my dark circles. I wasn’t even someone who plays games, yet I play those random apps on iPhone. I do understand why I downloaded them at the first place, because everyone is playing it. When my friend saw how little apps I have on my phone, I was not offended but I care. Therefore, I indulge myself into some games, practice and hope that I can be a ‘gamy” person like others as well. I do not even have so much time to kill yet I spent them unwisely. 

I think I have made my point loud and clear. Technologies is a neutral thing, you like them and hate them at the same time. You can’t just destroy them after you have purchased them because you simply still loves them. (C’mon admit it!) People just have to spend their time wisely on the Internet, on their phones, on games and this includes taking photos with no limits. When humans point out problems towards stuff like that, we are just being critical thinking, judging things based on our perception and everyone is different. Some just ignore the fact that technologies have changed their lives, they will just go with the flow.

During train rides, I would ask myself to be rebellious sometimes by staying away from technological tools, appreciate the scenery, look at what others are doing and probably get some inspiration on my writing.  


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