Apple auto correction is quite irritating

Apple auto correction is quite irritating

Apple iPhone operating system is such a joke! They simply do not give more options or suggestions in words replacement. iPhone users should know what I am talking about! Of course, I ought to know the correct spelling and my terminology but sometimes we all make mistakes with a mistype of one letter or two. We can be forgiven once in a while. Inevitably, we should be typing the correct letters to form a line of corrects words. Technology is merely a guidance. 

But, think again? It’s technology! The purpose is to correct the words for us. Funnily, they like to correct the words that I do not wish to correct it. I just do not understand why. In other words, I am quite frustrating. Does anybody understand my dilemma? When I wanted to type in foreign language words- it simply upsets me. I do not bother to change into other languages because I use English more often. Besides, the English itself causes me some problem. With a mistype of one alphabet, the Apple could not even help me find a word to replace it. I have to simply change the word, type it again and if it is a long word, indeed it is time-consuming. Using my iPhone 4S to blog on WordPress is also a killer especially the software helps me replace the words that I do not wish to replace. Sometimes, I even find my phone lags which is not a good thing. At the beginning of the year, I thought Apple is the best smart phone but it turns out there are quite a lot of problems if I wanted to look everything in detail. 

I know I should appreciate the invention but I would rather be pleased if the system accuracy can be improved in terms of the auto correction on words, the lag-ness and also the front camera. Well, critiquing all these does not mean I have the opportunity to change a better phone. People started to realize the phone’s weaknesses yet consumers would not complain as most smart phone users are using iPhone- it is the trend. People follow the ‘norms’. We humans are very patient, we can always wait for better gadgets to come out so everything is just a temporary. I am sure someone will fix it. We shall see…. 


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