What happens when actors die?

The shocking tragedy death of actor, Cory Monteith in the tv show ‘Glee’ has definitely left a huge hole in the heart of the incomplete tv show. Writers and producers have spent a tremendous amount of time in expanding the character, however this sudden incident has created a major boom in the entertainment industry.

It is disheartening to see actors die especially we ‘know’ them. We saw them talking, singing and dancing on screen. For me, television is a tool of intimacy with no boundaries but distances. You can simply relate the emotional incident occurred on the character which this time oppositely it has become so real that we cannot just not ignore about it. Even though I may not a big fan of Glee but I have seen him on TV, therefore I understand that the grief is unimaginable. I like Glee but I did not glue myself onto the television show. I can imagine the actor’s fiance/girlfriend, Lea Michele aka Monteith’s partner in Glee will be full of sorrow but fate is hard to change, we just have to move on.  Everybody simply hopes that the cast of Glee will do something on and off screen such as acknowledging Monteith’s death and provide a fitting resolution to his character, high school hunk Finn Hudson in the story. The point is to show that everyone cares for him and to publicly provides the grief on his death. There is no doubt a right thing to do.

For the fans out there, this has been a nightmare. As we all know that media is ubiquitous, we simply follow actors, models on and off screen-including where they go, what they are doing and who are they dating. Audiences or fans are simply people who are concern the life of those public figures, some of us have no bad intention yet paparazzi has done too much for us. They simply stop respecting for the actors, actresses and artists, getting overboard in digging out every bits and pieces of entertaining news. .

Besides looking at the death of actor and the effect on the television, drugs are becoming so common among entertainment people. They simply fed with too much work pressure, fear, stress of public image and the lack of privacy. With no options left, their path is all dark and gloomy. By getting themselves addicted to all kinds of drugs, the euphoria and freedom are temporary. Probably, death is a preferable consequence after all. Besides that, some people became so popular after their death, which amazingly deliver the message to us that ‘we have to sacrifice ourselves to that extend in achieving fame.’

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