Ginger, Garlic and Onion

Ginger, garlic and onion are the three most important ingredients in cooking. 

I have been spending time in the kitchen only to realize the art of culinary and to actually acquire the skills is through lots of practices. Cooking has never been my forte but I have started to enjoy using the space of kitchen all to myself. 

Browsing for recipes and shopping for ingredients are the past time for people who cook. Eventually, I was conscious about the tiredness just for a few days. Cooks at home are just as exhausting as most of the jobs out there but there is a definite exuberant during the process. 

I mustn’t surrender because of the mistakes I made because I knew I would always remember them. I have started to appreciate cooking including the food that has been served to us, the hardship in cooking and the people who cook for us. When food is good, it is always best to compliment the person who cooks. When the food is served, it is always polite for us to finish the meal. 

The main topic of this post is not about the usage of ginger, garlic and onion but emphasizes on how cooking has changes my perspective in the process of cooking itself. 



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