I wish for dreams.

I was watching a singing audition when a disabled girl performed in front of the judges. One of the judges told her that:” Many people who are able to walk do not know what are their dreams, they are actually pretty useless.” “But, you have a dream, you are someone who could even fly!”

That sentence sums up what life is all about. Having a dream is the most crucial part of being a human being. We do not live to see the world but we are living in it. We create and recreate the world so that it is full of miracles and great surprises. We push ourselves to the limit so that we won’t be sorry to ourselves. Sometimes, many have live because of others. They do not know what dreams are all about and they do not have any. People around them just literally holding and guiding them. 

I have always admired artists, singers and designers who can pursue their dreams without any boundaries even though as we all know that the art road is not an easy way to find the final destination. We always follow the reality pathways because we have fear. We are not confident enough in believing the abilities, skills and determination. There are so many competition, the constant competition squeeze us into the corner of “commons”. Dreams become almost similar and people will just laugh at you if your dream is part of people’s fantasies. 

I know many have dream big but they don’t make it because there is a lack of actions. Besides actions, we are talking about power and time. We have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and how many years should we spend thinking about dreams? Some people dream small and some dream big, some are practical but some are more abstract. Judging one’s dream is not by the time as well but the effort that is being put in. Therefore, there are someone who spent 20 years but still unable to reach for the star, some spent a mere 5 years to reach to the top. Maybe dreams have also something to do with luck. 

I wish everyone has some fate with their dreams, keep on dreaming and continue working on in life as there is a huge possibility for everyone in this world. Of course, you may be thinking a lot of factors that prevent you from dreaming but just let them leave you for a moment to make some decisions and planning. People may come up a lot of stuffs on their minds. 


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