It is an excruciating way to die for smokers and unconsciously, they are killing their loved ones around them. Inevitably, people are  not encourage to indulge in such a fatal activity. When avoiding fast food and processed items in diet is a challenge to everyone for health reason, people also could not stop themselves in inhaling the chemical tobacco in cigarettes. Many have failed in making promises that they will stop smoking and they will quit forever for the sake of family. You have a pregnant wife at home but because you could not stop yourself from taking a breath of smoke, you are slowly killing your child and your wife.

We non-smokers are the most innocent people, looking at you smokers seems having the most enjoyable time of your life. We then have to suffer together of what you did. Inhaling those excessive deadly puffs you exhaled to the air. The pungent smell cannot be handled by all of us. We hold our breaths and walk pass smokers quickly so that we can inhale some fresh air. Did you know how difficult for us to live? We would be happy to stand in a smoke-free area. An open space seems pretty exotic, sophisticated and breathtaking, but we could not possibly enjoy or appreciate because of the stale air polluted by the cigarettes smoke, with the buds around the floor apparently seen. I was disappointed to see a beautiful park has turned into a malicious, threatening zone of smokers. I understand that not all smokers are bad people but the image is really unpleasant and puts me off. I wish to respect them but they have not gain the respect of other people completely just because no matter what we can still find a packet of cigarettes in them.

I would not state all the cons of smoking because it is just too long winded. verybody knows what smoking does to our lungs, hearts, kidneys, skin, brains and throughout out system. We live to take care the body that we are gifted and smoking is just something that eradicates it. The fact that I hate smoking is because there is no particular reason for me to love it. They say people who smoke are often someone who started and could not stop it and they claim that it helps to reduce stress. There are so many ways to reduce stress-you can talk to someone, do some exercise or listen some calming music, yet smokers choose the undesirable path by intimidating with the cigarettes.

I hope everyone could make an initiative to encourage smokers to quit smoking, we must make every little possibility to happen. This is how miracle works. Besides that, there must be virtue of determination just like reaching for any particular goals. Smoking cigarettes is not like any other staple necessities such as food and water, humans do not need smoking. Eventually, we will soon leave this world one day so why bother? But have you thought that maybe smoking is slowly creeping into your soul and slowly ripping your life span without any warnings? We do not simply want to suffocate before we die and smoking is probably almost equals to the pain of having other terminal diseases. “Think before you try, think after you have tried and think after you have quit.” Make the world a better place- smoke free for the next generation!

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