Narcissism on selfie

Social media has breed the dark undercurrents of girls selfies. That is why we constantly seeing uploaded mirror shots, pouting self-portrait and posy girls in their mini-dresses, revealing T-shirts and short skirts indicating what they wore for parties, gatherings and dinners. Besides showing the public how much they like themselves, they hope to reinforce the fact that every other people agree with what they claimed. Receiving ‘likes’ become a scale in measuring the result of the narcissism.

Even the most conventional girls that I saw back in my high school are tempted to post some striking poses. Like any other girls, I devoted some of my free time to scroll down Instagram or Facebook feeds, a number of girls self camera themselves just to have something to show to the world what they look like. As though we are peering into the window of their private lives, some might be lying on the bed, their wardrobe at the background or showing off their cleavage which has become so common among young girls. To score a position, they will go to an extend by putting the most renown tags, such as #me, #selca, #selfie, #vain. They feel like failures, unworthy if they did not score with flying colours on their ‘likes’.

The support given on a selca or selfie is much more than a photo with items, food or even scenery which construct the importance of self-image not just on face-to-face but on the Internet as well. People like showing off what they got, which part of their body they have changed, how they show their emotions &appearances in front of the phone camera they are holding and why they feel confident more than anyone else. Essentially there is nothing wrong with uploading self-portraits. We like being shower by compliments and we feel on cloud nine that our appearances are able to provide us with a boost on the ego. Comments like “gorgeous”, “pretty” and “hot” may look like compliments but they may have hidden opposite meanings-such as “what a slut!” “she think’s she’s that pretty”, well sometimes I myself may not comment but liking doesn’t always meant that I love the person’s selfie. I do not have such bitchy thoughts but definitely I will be thinking why is the person always taking herself- it’s like she’s doing selca every single day without realizing that people may get fed up of it. I do take selfie but I do not go over the limit.

Every other people who does not ‘like’ or ‘comment’ are just spectators with most males with misogyny motives.  Females are either admiring, jealous or mocking the person at heart when they see the photos and don’t do anything about it. The comformity cannot be changed as we are compelled to do what society and everyone is doing, particularly young people. The feeling being an outcast and being throw out from the ‘rat race’ seems like acting a force against anti-narcissism. We all love ourselves, this the way we show it. It is definitely not a sin that is apparent when everyone is narcissistic.


2 thoughts on “Narcissism on selfie

    • Great blog you’ve got! I can relate this incident as it is almost similar to a mini concert I went, with everyone holding their phones and cameras to capture the singer and the moment, but no one stops to enjoy the so called ‘live’ performance. There is no doubt that that all of us have developed a great tendency in liking to freeze objects, people and events for remembrance.

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