The importance of customer service

Once, I have never though customer service is that important until I really feel the mistreatment by the people who serve me. I was so pissed off that I swear that if I ever get into the customer service line, I would not behave in such a way. Yet, a promise is easily break. Working has never been a piece of cake for anyone. Those people aren’t force to become a sales retail or a waitress. A job is not a simple job when you have to consider the needs of your ‘beloved’ customers. Persuading them to buy your products, serving them with a nice smile and chatting with them so they get interested in working along with you are basically the package of a customer service. These skills look basic but before you have actually put your hands on tackling different types of customers, it requires some patience.

I have once enter Hungry Jacks to get myself a meal. I was still thinking which to get and the Asian girl who serves me gets quite intolerant with me. Her expression looks more like she’s dealing with her sworn enemy when communicating with me aka a customer. On the other hand, a gourmet burger place has a white guy serving me. I was asking which is the best burger and again still deciding which to get. He gets annoyed at my indecisiveness that he said:”Next!” referring to next customer to come forward. Looking at both scenarios, you may think it was my problem but it doesn’t even took me more than 2 minutes to stand there thinking yet they could not wait for a customer to decide what they want especially there isn’t actually a queue behind me

Customer service is crucial as every dollar spent by each customer will be affected by the level of customer satisfaction. Your customers eventually shop with you as they find you amiable, reliable, prompt in serving them and knows which goods/products to offer for them. There are a huge variety of customer service from phone calls, counter service, take orders to handle complaints. Why do we feel good when we walk into a shop or a restaurant with people greeting us?

You know who are the people that you can trust to ask and buy from them from the first conversation you make with them. Essentially, gestures are fundamental as well. When customers are happy with your service, it does not matter whether they purchase something as they will probably come back sometime.

I have a friend that he went into his favourite store, ‘Superdry’ to browse some clothings. There was only a sales person, he approach my friend and tell him:”These are 20% off but I don’t think you can afford any of them.” “Well, just tell me if you need any help.” My friend just kept quiet and walk out of the store.

I have never imagine in coming across such arrogant sales person. You are just there to help selling the products, it is not your right to judge a customer based on whether he or she is able to shop in your store. In short, you do own that store and customer service virtually become a fixed image for the store. The type of person you hire and the way your sales person treat the customers map onto the destiny of the business. More than we think about the way some sales person or waitress being ignorant to us, gradually we becomes moody, unable to not despise the store and leave the store with bad impression- an unavoidable stereotype.

I have once lost a sunglasses at David Jones, one of the staffs are able to assist me the whole afternoon just to help me retrieve the item. IT was not easy as there are so many guards at the department. She has been helpful and proactive in serving me. I did not even buy any thing from David Jones yet the staff has proven herself and the company as well. Customer service is not just about knowing how to use your mouth but actions are equally imperative which I find some stores do not provide that kind of employees.

In conclusion, customer service is everywhere-in banks, airline companies, credit card organizations, restaurants and in any stores in sight. The company must invest greatly in customer service, finding the right people to build up the business and you can’t just depend on marketing technique of advertising.

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