Beautiful Friendship

It doesn’t matter whether a friendship is long lasting, at least there were times of happiness that both friends will remember.

Bias between friends are inevitable but nevertheless I felt there is beauty within friendship. I saw a movie just then. There are friends who betrayed you. There are friends that were merely friends. There are friends that know how to pay back your kindness. There are friends that wish your dreams come true. There are friends that hope you will do well in life.

In short, I think more than 50 percent of your friends are still decent people. If we think positively of doing something good without wanting something back, good friends will know at heart. Even if they do not do anything about it, they will at least conscious about it. Even if they don’t, we will still let it go because that is what friends are for. Harshly speaking, we still used one another occasionally but we know what is the limit. Of course, the movie was exaggerating but the meaning is still there.

Some friends may look silly or unattractive but why do we need good looks for friends, they are not model nor we should criticise their sizes. I think making friends should based on the inner side as this is what makes a friendship sustain. Many have not realised that the friends that have known each other for a long time are people whom genuinely take the relationship serious. Compared to boyfriend/girlfriend, friendship is a more relaxing relationship. You do not need to worry whether he or she will love you or not as the love will always remain. Of course, the love wouldn’t be an apparent one or a passionate one but definitely a true one. You meet up with friends, chat, gossip, spend time and being crazy with each other. Close friends are even better, there are no secrets. I find the beauty of friendship, not when I was a child. I practically am not conscious about the thing call friendship.

I was still very naive yet sensible to the people around me. I did not meet the right people. Some people are born full of intentions. I do not mind because I know one day I will have friends without wanting to play the manipulative games with me. I have understand that friends are people who are outside of family, at the same time they are strangers that we choose to be close to. Humans are fear of loneliness. They cannot live friendless. The desolate and solitary makes a person a recluse in society. Who wants that? Neither do I… Therefore like others, we continue to seek friends that we can give and open our heart to them. We search for memories, friendship that will eternally etch in our mind vividly. All of us seem to be bold of not getting hurt by those that are more cunning, scheming and probably bad influences. I hope I will never met one.


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