Random Prison

Suddenly this just struck on me whether people who have commit crimes are genuinely forgiven for their mistakes after for such a long time spending in the prison. Confined in a prison makes you lost freedom, it gives you time to reflect yourself whether you have actually realize your sin and of course it is a lesson that everything you do comes with a price….

When police officers or those members of crime investigation unit strive their best to capture top criminals, I wonder whether their effort has really paid off. I asked myself many times that “do victims of murder, rape cases, robbery and drugs really feel at ease after the criminals are sentence to life prison and death?” The answer is no- as clearly you can’t possibly bring back the person you have lost or the time that has faded. Even though we all know that these bastards deserve to accept their punishment but not everyone of them feel the guilt. Several years in prison is insufficient for these disregard people. After some time, they will step back to their old paths.

Prisoners are mostly people who carried out illegal activities which by law should be prosecuted. They have endless experience in the world of crimes and they know how to handle escapism and abuse the law to their liking as long as they are able to benefit something from it. 

I came to understand that people naturally have good hearts, only something or someone triggers the heart to do bad things. Therefore, prison becomes an enclosed space that led these baddies to slowly settle down their minds and hearts but many choose to seek vengeance, started to think what they can do to earn a fortune. They continue the paths that they think is likely the best for them, as though their journey fits with their identities. People are not born to be criminals, some just carry out the crime unintentionally. Prisons become a centre for you to turn over a new leaf.

Even though people discriminate ex-prisoners that were looking for jobs but that does not mean that they can’t prove themselves that they have turn from a demon to an angel.

Prisons have four major purposes.

1. Retribution

-Punishment for crimes against society, pay their debt by depriving their freedom

2. Incapacitation

-Keeping them away from innocent people.

3. Deterrence

-Discourage people of breaking the law, act as a warning and prevent any future crimes.

4. Rehabilitation

-Activities that are designed to change criminals into law abiding citizens such as providing educational courses in prison, teaching skills of any jobs and offering counselling with a psychologist or social worker.

I know that everyone seems happy when villains in the movies/dramas/tv are terminated by the hero/heroin (they will either die or ended up in a tower with thousands of guards surrounded). In sequel, you will probably see them escape from prison and trying to do revenge. It is disheartening to see people cannot change themselves especially in reality, we try to modify them through prison yet sometimes it is just not working right. But, we can’t just let them die and remove the chance for them to change themselves except those serious and unforgivable criminals. They should be hang to death and slowly struggle the punishment in hell. (Am i too cruel by saying that? Well imagine someone that has killed more than 20 people with his own hands? A person who distributed drugs to every teenagers including your children?) Think again…


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