Why Bollywood movies are often so musical?

Suddenly, she is standing at a meadow and he stand beside her. She looks at him and tells him “I love you”. Both of them smiles, gaze and hug each other tightly, suddenly both of them let go and the background music started. Hero started dancing and every other unrelated characters pop up from nowhere who gradually mimic the dance. Heroin hid behind the trees and he started to sing, dance and seems to be chasing her… Like a dance battle, two groups are separated between male and female. They move from a garden, to the street, into the train then to the rooftop. Amazing that no one stops them at the middle. 

This does trigger those who knows about Bollywood movies and often such similar scene appears in 90% of Bollywood movies….

Yesterday night I was watching a Bollywood movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. Of course it is like a typical Indie film, full of love and romantic elements. As we all know that Bollywood movies became significantly acclaimed for their songs and dances being integral part of it. The world is always puzzled at the high frequency of Bollywood unrealistic movie production, yet most Indian audiences find it comfortable watching them and is common among the industry.

Coming from a different race, ethnicity and cultural background, I am not aware of such bizarre movies until I really started watching them. You can’t really fall in love into something unless you really experience it. Chinese or Korean movies are unlike Indian movies with characters suddenly sing and dance on the streets whenever they feel like it. As though they like to seek some attention, to show that they are bold and talented. (Of course I cannot not agree that they sing and dance well) These scenes are often articulate with the emotions of characters. Through the characters’ professional performance, Indians are able to capture the sadness, happiness, love and anger much easily I guess? Comparing to genuine emotions-shedding tears and laughing, dialogue and storyline, the musical style of acting compromise more than a quarter in the movie. I am not entirely sure whether the Indian cinema has always wanted to sustain their traditional way of filming and at the same time does it has something to do with the historical passion towards singing and dancing?

Besides that, a lot of Bollywood film producers have tried to experiment on their movies with less dance/music and more dance/music. The more dance/music often overpowers the other which make the symbolic entity popular among the community. Gradually AND without much notices, the influences of Bollywood movies on Hollywood movies become apparent. You can’t really tell exactly which of them does the best musical movie. Even though the ratings tell us all but qualitatively it does not prove much.

I must say that initially I love the dance and music, it was actually quite fantastic if you watch the modern ones. They have slowly transform the choreography of the dance to satisfy the requirements of a much broader circle of audiences. However, it is still too much. The film almost lasts 3 hours because of the musical performance. Even though Hollywood movies are still the world’s top movie production industry but I believe that every country’s film industry has their own authenticity that should be treasure and the unique way of filming should regard as something precious instead of comparing one and another continuously. Positive competition is beneficial when a movie cannot entirely satisfy every audiences globally.

There are only four Indian films that I have watched so far- I have missed out one at the pictures below because I really could not remember the name.

Of course, Bollywood movies cannot be done without a good looking hero and a beautiful, goddess-like female character. This movie was actually pretty decent. Everyone should check it out- the cinematography, the song/dance again (more traditional) and the costumes.

This movies was actually quite of a sentimental type.

Despite the fact that people are not so much into Bollywood movies, they actually do appreciate these Hollywood musical movies. I am not 100 percent sure whether these are actually inspire from Indie movies but nevertheless the international language, English becomes more well accepted by a broad range of audiences from different language background. Probably, there is less cliche on the way the songs/dance being deliver compared to Bollywood style of delivering. At least, the characters are still wearing the same clothes. Bollywood actress changes their clothes from one scene to another when they are still singing the same song. Sometimes, the design is the same (they just change the colours- how In-teresting!)

Here are a list of Hollywood musical films with a bit of Bollywood style!

I can never forget the time that I was crazy about HSM

The popular Grease (1978) is a well known musical film that my dad used to watch ^^

Don’t forget about Hairspray- I do enjoy it thoroughly especially the 60’s kind of music and dance. It wasn’t old fashioned at all for me.

Wasn’t a big fan but still find a couple of episodes entertaining.

I love Mamma Mia- this is when I fell in love with Abba’s songs! A total Bollywood style of movie.

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