Daily Prompt: From the Gut

They say laughter is the best medicine and I think it is the best remedy to heal any of my frustration and sadness. I felt a good laugh is the one that etched in my mind vividly, that i have simply hold it as one of my memories which I will definitely cherish it dearly.
When you think back of the scene or talks about it with the people that were there laughing with you, that same laughter had become a recording disk. It can be play back whenever we feel like to.
The one particular thing that my family and I can’t stop laughing while thinking back is a free performance we saw back in Seattle during 2009. Everyone was enthusiastic about music and instrument but this wasn’t an orchestra with ordinary guitar, piano or violin but the use of bells or triangle-like thing. The performers create a rhythmic and soothing strings of beautiful notes just by hitting a group of bells.
Soon we felt something was not right as the music gradually put us into sleep. It becomes a lullaby rather than something that we enjoy. Throughout the performance, we tried our best to endure the tiredness in our eyes. The most hilarious person in my family is my grandfather, he’s not a person who appreciate music. Given the fact of this type of music, we undoubtedly turned back and saw his head moving backwards, eyes close, mouth wide open. My aunts, parents and siblings all have the same response. I myself personally can still remember the sound of the music. Apparently through words, strangers would not get the joke but everytime when we talk about it, it puts a smile on our face or better still it creates a pain in the tummy for laughing non-stop. My dad would especially copy the instrument sound and make his droopy eyes to produce that instantaneous effect for everyone at home. No offence to the people in the church playing those songs/carols but thanks to you guys that our family get to treasure a piece of humour in our life.

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