Since everyone is so concern about health, frozen yoghurt became a great alternative instead of ice-cream. Most of the flavours have a slight sour taste of yoghurt, which made them irresistible as a good dessert. On the other hand, the bad dessert normal ice cream including gelato is more creamier and fattier, loaded with high quantity of sugar compared to these fabulous yoghurt ice cream.

I have just finished lunch at the city when a new store of yoghurt ice cream is selling their yoghurt for free. The queue is extremely long but eventually it’s worth it. The picture shown is what we get from the shop. Yoghurt ice cream is expensive yet people eat it for the quality. Most of the yoghurt stores available in Australia sell 25 cent for 100g if i am not mistaken. In the picture, the largest bowl costs $8 but glad that i get it for free. The naturally made yoghurt is beyond what we imagine. The combination goes well and it’s not too sweet as the yoghurt takes over the ice cream taste. Texture is excellent, smooth and melts in your mouth. Besides that, there are substantial choices of toppings. My favourite would be the chewy Mochii and probably strawberries came second. Nonetheless, I probably can do yoghurt without toppings as I can actually taste the yoghurt itself. Toppings just change the flavour to a more complex mode. Everyone has their respective preferences.

While I was doing my search on yoghurt ice cream, it is claimed that yoghurt ice cream should still be classified as fatty food because of the sugar content, however I personally felt that eating these is still far better than eating gelato even though its the yummiest. Go for plain yoghurt if you are on a diet. But, I must mention that there are myriad flavours given and the stores mostly change every two months or so to distribute the flavours they got. Customers are able to indulge a variety of flavours that they cannot stop themselves from not going back. That includes me. Yoghurt ice cream or frozen yoghurt has taken the world by storm. Low fat stuff are always popular.

Frozen yoghurt maniac

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