5 most annoying type of passengers on Sydney’s train.

It is inevitable to not have every ride on public transport to be wonderful, perfect, pleasant and without any disturb. But, we still ask for a decent one sometimes just so that we feel at ease. Public transport in Sydney is still considered to be more convenient compared to the public transport back in my home country. I would not complaint about the efficiency, delays, track work and other circumstances. I did not even expect everyone to be well behave especially there are children or babies taking the train as well.

This post is meant to point out some of the 5 types of passengers that I find them utterly present the uncivilized side of Australia. We cannot expect passengers to not cough or sneeze on the train, that goes beyond the comfort zone for everyone. However there are some of them that gets on my nerve sometimes while I was on the train.

1. The music people

I’m totally fine with people listening to music on the train but you don’t really need to raise up the volume & share it for everyone on the train HONESTLY!

-Do you any idea that not everyone wants to listen the music/song that you like? I understand that sharing is caring but would you mind lower down the volume so every other passengers have peace in mind. I just think is pathetic for them to blast the music across the cubicle. It is weird how they have their earphones on, yet the music is played for the public. They have lost their sense of voice control or something. I am not criticizing any particular music but before you play them, make sure to enjoy it on your own. We appreciate your music but no thanks!

2. The dirty/smelly people

-I am not discriminating anyone here but I always try to stay away from anyone that stinks even before I could approach them. Sometimes my nose was just extra-sensitive on this horrendous stench emanating from a person that I feel like the the scent has punched me in the face, it has taken me down in its repugnant glory. I know sometimes that there are beggars or homeless people travel via trains but I just could not bear the smell yet. I try to sit near to ‘clean’ people, at least I can still breathe properly. Sometimes, I get irritated at smokers as well (not that they smoke in the train-just that the cigarette odor stays on the shirts of smokers and it is quite harmful for asthmatic people) It is not that I do not have any empathy on these people but I felt there is still a certain limit on train cleanliness. However I understand the difficulty to tackle such situation as no matter what the train is still a public access transport.

3. The mobile phone people

Yes- I look at people on the train who talks on their phone loudly IF it I really can’t stand it for another minute.

-I personally feel a lack of privacy when talking on the phone in a train, because there are whole load of passengers around you doing their own stuff such as reading a book, on their laptop, playing games, sleeping and day dreaming. Besides, you can’t hear the person on the phone clearly because of the engine and track sound.  I am not quite sure how other passengers feel when there is someone talking loudly on their phone as if there is no one around him/her. I know your chit-chat or business is important but please do not talk for too long on the phone. I have once came across a passenger that cannot stop talking on the phone for 25 minutes which is when it was time for me to step out from the train (yay!) Often I heard laughter, frustration and unnecessary gossip because I cannot stop myself from not listening when I am clearly listening to it- Can’t I find something better to do? Well of course! If you could perhaps just not talk too loud?

4. The ‘put up the feet’ people

What a lady!

-This is clearly one of the rules on train but many have not abide the rule. Besides that, there are no implementation taken on this action which clearly upsets me. The seats are usually quite clean but because of some inconsiderate passengers feel that their comfort comes first and therefore they dirty the seats. Another thing is that dirties the seat are spilled drinks and food- I know the people who are responsible in cleaning have done their best but you can still see stains on some seats. I am not sure whether the spill is cause by children, teenagers, adults or seniors but everyone have to try their best to maintain the hygiene on the train so that everyone could enjoy a comfortable ride especially tourists. We need to create good impression for others by playing our respective roles- be a good citizen (handle with care for food and drink, would be most helpful if we do not put our feet up like the lady in the picture)

5. The rusher

-Well, it is quite straightforward for train catchers-you wait for people to step out from the train before you barge in. Are you clear? As if they have some kind of privilege, bad mannerism is what I refer them in a not so vulgar way. Everyone’s time is precious so why do that? I understand if its a senior or people with disability but people who are rushing to work or school- most of us are rushing in fact so do not exclude yourself to do such a thing.

Humans are suppose to behave like a well educated normal human beings. You do not fight like animals, being smelly, dirty master’s bed just like a dog or bark loudly like one too. Even some animals are more well behaved than some humans. Please be considerate. Thank you!

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