Is a conducive working environment important?

With so many people receiving their tertiary education, there is a common entity that everyone desires for a good job. By all means, a good job has many definitions. To earn a living is one of the purposes to work- besides that, we often wish to work comfortably, wish to get a quick and easy job and at the same time with substantial benefits. After watching the movie, ‘Internship’, I felt that not only Google is promoting itself but it also compares the apparent differences between Google company and other companies internally and externally. It also encourages us to seek for such conducive working environment and follow a dream that leads us to pleasant lifestyle.

Isn’t it cool to have a slide instead of stairs or lift in your workplace?

Do you wish to have such personal cubicles in your company apart from toilet cubicles…?? They are not ordinary cubicles but cute ones~

Massage chairs are everywhere and you can rest n go after a tiring day at work.

However, what happens when everyone works at such heaven-like place?- everyone tries to stay away from hell (under scorching heat of the sun, exposed their hands and feet with dirt, mud or other known to be disgusting materials?) We do not understand the hardship of every professions, yet people discriminate those who work at such harsh environments. They are the one who should be respected instead of being look down because of their low pay. Without them, who would clean the sewage? Who are the ones that wash the public toilets? Therefore, working environment must not be something that of concern as people work to live while we live to work. Not everyone is granted with a sheltered life- when we take everything for granted, we do not realize how lucky we are and sometimes people still complain on how hard is their work, they gradually becomes greedy and ask for more.

Your feet are soaked in the soil and nourished with identifiable creatures in it. Often, you have to bent your back to get your work done.

I can’t imagine the smell…

There is no clean suit or work attires to choose from as they will get dirty soon enough.

A conducive working environment has been proven to be effective in aiding the employees to be working productively in terms of the lighting, space, temperature and sound. Besides that, it stimulates creativity and innovative among the workers. Therefore, it is not sinful to have splendid working environment nor it is a mistake to support workers with state-of-art facilities and world class office environment. I was just making a statement not to forget those jobs that are listed among the worst in the world, comparing their jobs to ours-we felt more privileged and contented with our current jobs maybe? or are you still feeling your job is total rip off- lots of hardwork, lots of workload, lots of unfairness and lots of mistreatment? Anyways, at least you are not a roll of toilet paper.

yeah. I cannot not agree to this.


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