Following a strict organic diet could harm health, says experts

Click on this link >> Following a strict organic diet could harm health, says experts

I am not a person who follows a strict diet consisting of organic products but from this article, I was quite  unexpected that when such nutritious diet is able to harm health. As a matter of fact, we have always try to choose wisely for the food we consume. This includes meat products which must be hormone free, eggs that must be free range while fruits and vegetables are preferably free of pesticides. It is impossible to actually eat everything that is organic, how much do we have to trust the products that we purchase are genuinely organic? Nevertheless, eating healthily means staying away from processed food including canned food, frozen food and food with preservatives. However, to what extend can a person actually do that? Someone who follows a strict organic diet would be people who grow their own crops, raise their own cattle and plant their own veggies. Unfortunately many of us grow up in urban areas which make us difficult to assimilate into such simple lifestyle. Not only that, buying organic food means spending more. I am not suggesting that choosing to follow an organic diet is a waste of time, rather it depends on the significance self body outlook. Some people wouldn’t care as long as they have sufficient three meals a day- they eat to survive but some of us survive to eat. Those who survive to eat perceived food is a crucial matter whether it is the taste, the presentation, the quality or the creativity. Perhaps this article meant that diet is not completely part of our health, rather it includes the physical activity and mental health (emotions). Basically, we can’t just be healthy by a mere organic diet but exercising and stay happy. When parents follow a strict organic diet, the children are condemned to follow the footsteps. Imagine as a child who is unable to enjoy treats just like other children, how would they feel?

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