Mortal vs Immortal

It is very hard to believe that there is immortality in this world, yet we see for ourselves how mortal human beings create the immortals in the fiction world or possibly the myths that are lead us to doubtfulness whether we should believe such miraculous thing that is living among us.

Mortal defines human beings that will eventually face death, leading to extinction whereas immortals will have the fate of sustaining their lives forever. Never have I imagine what it will be like being an immortal but sometimes I do take time to reflect the lifestyle of immortal by relating it back to what I have seen in movies. We understand this non-existence matter become something of our concern as this fantasy is born from the hands of human beings.

Mortals tend to wish they will live, they will have the ability to combat all the illnesses, we in fact have the desire to see more of this world. How our world changes from the 19th century to 22nd century and what we can do to help this world if we are able to live eternally? This form of bogus or imaginary hold our perception

that longevity is a whole load of positive, prosperous, fortune and wonder. A mortal man can only live till his 20’s because of a car accident while immortal could revitalize his live without needing any doctors or medical treatment. He can continue what he has always wish to do. Besides that, this man has a continuous life span of opportunity and time for him to explore, utilize and spend.

How many 10 years of life does everyone has? The most 10? To live till 100? What if you have thousands of 10 years? There is no old age and healthy becomes relatively removed from the realm of human life. There won’t be any doctors as immortals themselves possess the knowledge and skills to look after themselves. However, the term ‘life’ will be regard as trivial matter and uncritical. Immortals know that life is not their responsible, they live because they are gifted to live longer while us mortals understand that human lives are precious. It becomes significant when our loved ones struggle with the Death God or when we are unable to bear with those that gradually take our lives away. Emotional is what we seen in mortals that immortals will probably have a rather distinctive opinion from us. I wonder do they even care when a murder takes place because the person will eventually survive, but then again they won’t actually need to carry out crimes? Do they?

I am not entirely sure what type of immortals but definitely they are stronger, look younger comparing to mortals of the same age, expressions are more rigid, smarter, more experience (duh! They have lived for more than a decade) Some may have other special abilities, each have their respective power to help them adapting into the immortal competitive environment. The similarity of both mortal and immortal would be fighting for status and money, war and peace will never be correlating to one another. All of a sudden, you may think that living immortally is advantageous but looking back-life isn’t about the period rather we focus more on the quality. Even if death comes knocking on our door in a time that we do not wish to go, we as mortals have live what a mortal can possibly live, do, look and eat. Although some mortals leave with regrets but that doesn’t mean they have not given the chance ‘to live’.

We may be thinking that life is short and there are so much to do in this world. When we are young, we have no money. When we are adults, we have no time. When we are old, we are lethargic. Therefore, immortality is a great solution. Still, there is no proof for the existence of such non-sensical theory. What we have viewed so far from immortality is to learn that reality has a possibility of fantasies. We should make believe of what we believe but that doesn’t mean that we can manipulate what we see. Time is utterly crucial for us to live a fulfilling life. Mortals are determined in achieving goals because we know how to appreciate life.

imagine if four to five generations living in the same era, under the same roof because no one dies for immortality. Life for them becomes restless, it becomes a game of continuity without an ending. At least for mortals, there is a finale for their human paths.


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