It’s a Girl

The video clip is a documentary that films the forgotten and abandon trafficked girls, grown up and suffers violence and at the same time show us some bold mothers who fight against the family to protect their daughters’ lives. There are some who are willing to kill for a son. Some truly effective actions are meant to bring justice, yet there is so little we can do to bring huge changes. At least, a variety of paths have been stepped on globally so that girls can survive and women can have a better life.

According to United Nation, there are approximately 200 million girls gone missing in this world due to homicide of women or murder, abortion of new born babies particularly this gender. In countries such as China and India, people are still perceiving having a new born baby girl is a disgrace. Even I wonder what sort of pathetic ideology is this all about? What form of benefits do they receive by killing innocent women and girls? Don’t they feel guilty at all?

It was a devastating sight as family structures will not be complete with the unbalance amount of male and female. Human trafficking of girls are implemented in certain areas so the females can become a biological object or tool for bearing a child

rather than be treated like a normal human being. Ideally, women should not be the resources for such purposes and sadly those who wish to protect their baby girl have to flee from their hometown. Fate leads them to such tragic background and harsh life, empathy towards them is insufficient. We need effective key solutions but the

The term: Gendercide is a brutal act of eradicating girls and women, showing the inequality of gender. We are talking about lives primarily the most important entity compared to other rights such as education, the right to survive in this world is unfairly distributed to them.

Sex Selective Abortion legitimately becomes a fatal medical treatment that everyone should be aware of. This mass killing gradually becomes genocide, a phenomenon that is common in some parts of the world which women like us living in the lands of fortunate should be grateful of our identities. Globally, we should urge everyone in seeking justice for the girls being killed or women who are treated badly- carrying the burden whether to kill her new born child or to protect the child from the community who support their respective culture of removing girls.

However, the misogyny imbues in every corner of society and allowing such deeply significant cultural and historical roots to promote women as objects which can be recycled over and over again. This horrendous gender crisis is not a mere single problem among women but it affects the society, the community, the nation and the world itself. A patriarchal society makes it even more difficult for the women to speak up for themselves, they want changes but never have the opportunity to do so. The constriction and the so called ‘over-protective’ world becomes haunting as they are confided in a prison-like place where you can’t even do much for yourself. Simply those reported ones are just a partial cases that are published. I believe if the other half is exposed, we will soon accept this as norm for the people there. What happens when we as outsiders intervene into such cultural issue of theirs?

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