Be On Time

“Sometimes when I got up at 6, I can still ended up being late for the 9 o’clock class… What is wrong with me?”

“I thought I was in the bathroom for half an hour but I have actually spent 45 minutes in there!”

“I am late again but it’s normal.”

People thought that punctuality is simple but how many of us have been late in our entire life? The feeling of having punctual people misunderstanding those late comers being selfish, inconsiderate and irritating is unbearable and embarrassing. We try to change yet things always do not go according to what we wish for.

First, we need to reflect ourselves on the time awareness. We asked ourselves that “What is the prime factor that causes us to be late?” “Are we late for most of the things or just partial?” Time management skill is similar to any other forms of habit that needs to be put into practice after discovering the main problem of chronic lateness in you. Sometimes I wonder is this habit learned or innate which make it so experimental. When one of your friend is late, you felt upset naturally but interestingly the other person who is waiting with you feels perfectly alright. Are we actually trained to be punctual at home or the principle just grow in us?

Be on time-a trait that shows many good side of a person has: confidence, discipline, dependable and smart. It may seems trivial and sometimes inevitably unnoticeable. They said being prompt in actions is always better than taking things slow especially when you have a deadline to meet, time becomes a crucial context to be treasure and must be plan and manage. 

Overcoming Lateness starts now…
1. It is impossible for you to transform yourself to a person with perfect punctuality as it may seems more complicated than you thought. There is absolutely no negotiation when it comes to time management. You have to start by making a promise to yourself. Start from something that is easy to manage such as waking up by not pressing the snooze tomorrow morning. Tackling lateness must be furthered experimented by repeating the similar routine lifestyle, keeping yourself ready in the exact time frame until you are absolutely feel proud of yourself being punctual or set out earlier than any usual days.

2. You do not assumed. The worst thing people do is wanting to be there on time without even knowing to leave some space for contingency . The appointment is 9am and you assumed it takes approximately 15 minutes to be there which is absurd. You will never expect what barriers during your journey. Traffic? Accident? Public transport delays? Make the appointment to 8.45 instead of 9 because is always best to be early than to be late. When late comers make excuses, should we be take concern of the reasons they provide such as traffic congestion or “I left my documents at home so I have to turn back home” When you are not in a rush, you won’t be forgetting your things as you still have plenty of time to check them.

3. See ‘waiting’ optimistically. Being patient is a good trait that should be welcomed. When we are early, occupy those time by doing something. Often, it is always better than having to rush there just in time and almost ready to apologize for your lateness. Read a magazine, plan your schedule, call a friend, play some games or walk around. You feel bored thinking what’s the point of being punctual when you have to sit here and wait for others. Soon, you will realize this beautiful trait is beneficial in many ways.

More tricks:-

4. have a clock in your bathroom as this is where we spend the most time getting ready.

5. do not play on your phone, concentrate on getting the main things done like wash up, change clothes, have breakfast or make up (groom yourself)

6. have an alarm reminder 15 or 20 minutes before you leave your home for work, function or school.

7. keep things organized-keys, wallet, mobile phone, important documents and your coat. It is best to have them near the front door so you won’t forget them.

8. Forward the time at your watch by 10 mins than the usual time-psychologically it works!

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