When someone tells you that you are a pessimistic person, you don’t just ignore it. As the matter of fact, ignorance doesn’t change your attitude. When everyone says that you are too negative thinking, you should really reflect on your ways of thinking like seriously! You have to judge something so differently comparatively towards your normal thoughts. Changing a habit, changing your taste, changing your personality and changing your ways of talking. Changing becomes a daunting matter because everyone could not possibly leave their comfort zone and move to an unknown position. They virtually felt that this is not normal at all. The awkwardness of a person who would swear becomes hard for him to adapt into an environment where he has to stop himself from using a swear word in each sentence.

However, there is always a reason for someone to change, to change their behaviour for the person they love, to change the tone of speaking to be adore by others, to achieve in becoming a better person. When a person honestly tells you what you should change is clearly meant to help you, rather we should not be thinking these people as someone who often like to kill your self-esteem. Personally, I do not like hearing the bad side of me from others but they are the words that pull us out from non-reality world and learn to change them. If it is too difficult, do not expect a big progress in the changes but little steps towards improvement is good enough. When we are expecting the people around us to change their unbearable behaviour or attitude, we really must not put such high expectation. Many genuinely only wishes to see changes, why not take a look what others have done in bringing about those changes? 

Change apply on both actions and thoughts. When you want to become a hardworking person, you have to remind yourself that you can’t be lazy anymore. You have to do it too. Switch off distraction and put in effort on your priorities. Concentrate on what is currently important in your life. When you are about to become lackadaisical and unmotivated, it becomes a challenge for you whether you are able to succeed in overcoming the stubborn weakness of yours. Everything comes with effort and strength, there is no short cut when you wish to see changes in yourself. People who are close to you can still bear with it but how about people who can eventually abandon you? You think they will hold on to you just because you are a bitchy person? Working environment is testified whether you know how to present the best of yourself to both colleagues and employer. When you can’t change your flaws and is causing major problem to the company, you know what happens next. Some said that is easy to change a person during their young age so people are keen and desperate when it comes to child education. But some things cannot be taught just like that. Even so, some morally right/wrong may be interpreted differently on everyone. It is exhausted that change is not the only thing that has to be done throughout our life span, the list goes on…


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