White Lies

Spoken of the untruth day by day,

Resort to this when stuck in a hectic situation momentously,

Time seems to be easily persuaded as something fades and something discovered.

Occasionally this is the only way out or it is assumed to be.

We were not taught nor we are required to learn

Life becomes pleasant when everything works out,

Optimism covers the reality and reality becomes harsh,

We naturally blend ourselves into the world of white lies,

Everyone simply does that for many reasons and possibly finding excuses,

Eventually this is not a key solution nor it is a perfect escape tool.

Admitting, agreeing and adjusting to something or someone is tiring.

Guilt and mockery of self and the sense of accomplishment is irony enough.

The ambivalence produces a pang of fear that is fatal and unsolvable.

Habits of white liars are difficult to adjust but life of getting used in hearing white lies is even harder to suspend.

Been told that the food will be here in a minute is to test your patience,

Telling you that you look great in a dress is to test your self-conscious or to increase your self-esteem,

Judging that honesty is the best policy, it is not always the case.

This entity ensures harmonious relationships and effective communication among the complexity of human beings.

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