Click here: When Celebs become unrecognizable

Click here: When Celebs become unrecognizable

When Melissa McCarthy became the worst victim of Phtoshop in her latest movie poster

We have seen many stars have their flawless photo shots taken that were published in magazines. This is the magical ability of Photoshopping yet slowly we have realized the dispute circulating in the fashion editorial world due to this tool. Feminist magazines have provided substantial idealized beauty standard which has formed a certain ideology that everyone has to follow. Women wish to be perfect just like the figures in the magazines whereas this has tremendously build up men’s expectation on how women should look like. 

Make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers are professional people who knows how to do their job. This is their responsibility to make celebrities look good in front of the public. They have the skills on how to remove cellulite, wrinkles and pimple, remaining in a natural state. They know the angles and lighting of photo shooting, to make the female celebrities standing in an impeccable shape.  

As long as we know most of the pictures have been altered, we will remain realistic when it comes to comparing ourselves to how others look. I must admit that everyone looks strikingly better after some touch up. However, excessive use of effects such as brightening the face, removing blemish, thinning the face and blushing may lead to vaguely robotic expression, stiff face and fake bodies just like the picture below. <it looks almost too perfect>  

see the obvious difference?

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