“I really want some, can you give me DIM SUM?”
“it will make you go BOOM BOOM BOOM”

The lyrics was super catchy.
Surprisingly, I found these short videos quite entertaining, humorous and impressive in terms of the shots, editing and the song itself can really captures my attention. I love yum cha and I feel like this video is exclusively made for me. You really do need to assimilate into this Cantonese style meal because it is the best!

The “DIM SUM SONG” was uploaded by the Fung Bros during 2011. Well, better late than never. The American born Asians are typically talented in short film production. Besides Fung Bros, the other group is the Wong Fu Production which they initiate the success, build up their reputation and recognition around the world with their creative short films and music videos. So many talented people out there!

Asian Americans produce and upload videos to break the typical Asian stereotype and to share some common myths & cultures revolving around them. It is inevitably that these videos do not directly imply on Asians from other nation but you truly felt a sense of proudness IF YOU ARE AN ASIAN. Some videos reflect the way Asian family behave, friends or relationships and many other interesting topics.

Despite of the racial difference issue, the determination in achieving their goal shows us that nothing is impossible and collaborative work is definitely crucial in making this possible.

Check out other videos of Fung Bros, Wong Fu and MyChonny on YouTube. I am sure there are a lot of great videos out there for me to discover, care to share any similar ones by leaving me a comment? Thank you.


Dim Sum Song

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