When wealth collides with morality…

People who are born with a silver spoon often has a type of attitude that simply gets on our nerves. They perpetually showing off their wealth, besides looking down on the people who are less fortunate than them. What proves do I have? Well, to be honest I have not yet have the opportunity to encounter anyone of them but a few stories we heard from time to time and the stereotype constantly falls on this category from television to news became the evidence I have. They do not appreciate what has been given to them. Being humble is not in their dictionary and gradually the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. We do not understand why most rich people behave in such a way yet they probably think they have the right, authority and power to treat others to their liking. We see how rich kids have the time and money to go clubbing, fooling around and sometimes ended up in a bad reputation, involving themselves with drugs and alcohol. Interestingly, they can still live on because they are born different from us. I know I am in doubt when successful people have children who has taken over the family business and still doing well on their own, definitely amazed with their ability.

Often, successful people who becomes billionaires do not wish to see their future generation depends on the unique family background. They wish their sons or daughters work towards success on their own instead of depending on family. I guess if the father is a billionaire, you would not go for all the trouble going step by step on the stones towards a bright future. It is common for parents to fork out huge sum of money on children’s education especially rich parents would prefer private schools over public ones, comparatively on the fees, teaching quality, the students and amenities. Why would they stay low and allow their children mixing with the “wrong” group of people, which means coming from a different or lower class/status. Besides when rich people finished their tertiary studies, they can just hop into their family business. It is true sometimes being rich and famous is not a good thing. Paparazzi hunting your personal life and burdens on your shoulder exhausts you. Wealth does affect how we think, perceive and judge so I reckon it is definitely conflicting with morality. You follow the footsteps of your wealthy parents and the way they look at poorer people similarly reflects on how you look at those people as well. 

Expectations become higher too in terms of the basic standards in life such as sight, sound, taste, smell and touch which make them explicitly hard to blend into the common people that we came upon in our daily life. When habits are hard to get rid, their expectations are more difficult to be removed. Sometimes, people like to mix with wealthy people because they are purely rich. You can almost get everything from them if you are loyal to them and able to please them with your actions, gestures and words. Shower them with compliments or simply follows their likes and dislikes. There is a lack of friendship and sincerity. Seeing abundance of people turning up in a rich teenager’s birthday party doesn’t necessary means she or he has a good circle of friends. Based on that, we can’t really tell the quality in the numbers. When wealth collides with morality, there is this ambiguity that stuck on rich people. They simply buying fame and recognition with their money. Are they sincerely being kind? For instance, charity or any form of social activities that are sponsored by the rich people, socialites or celebrities are virtually an advertisement or a speaker telling the world that they are contributing to society and what they do will definitely raise the attention of people around them or people ‘in their circle’ that their money is aplenty and being able to help the needy becomes their responsibility. Probably, I was just thinking too much? They are just being kind. Well, maybe we have totally misunderstand their full intention of making all these happen. Without them, there will be too many ordinary background people like us, unable to lend a helping hand towards the poverty, hunger and other social problems.

It is funny the fact that no matter what we do will constantly being question by others. No matter you are rich or poor, morality will never be flawless. The poor may be associated with involvement of petty crimes while the rich may be suspected in corruption and other unknown business activities which will only be buried to themselves. Occasionally, everyone wishes to be rich, able to afford all the quality materials and infused with a billionaire lifestyle. However, have you consider yourself to be fortunate? You know why? Because: You are able to enjoy a great privacy with sincere people around you that loves you like a gem. Besides that, indulge yourself into some decent commodities with your pure “blood and sweat” hard work is the best feeling ever.

Morality does not apply on right/wrong but also the different principles in life towards success and failure. No doubt that rich people find priorities in their life is achievable like a golden ladder whereas ours are more unpredictable, full of ups and downs like a mountain. Therefore, we remember vividly during the times when failure knocked on our door. Imagine if someone who has always been treated like a prince at home,  it would not be easy for him to accept the fact that his family has gone bankrupt all of a sudden. Not many people are totally satisfied with their identities yet this is not totally up to us. Fate has brought us to become who we are and how well we lead ourselves throughout the human journey determines our future. Our identity is a record of our past and humanity does not necessarily 100 percent correlating with the money they had. Some people have proved themselves to be quite humble when these people are super rich billionaire. Click to see who they are>>>>http://addicted2success.com/news/15-super-rich-billionaires-who-stay-grounded-humble/


2 thoughts on “When wealth collides with morality…

  1. I’d be interested if you’ve thought of any rich person in particular when you wrote this…

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